Ziangs: Salt and pepper chicken Chinese takeaway recipes

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  1. OMG, rewatching this and I've just discovered that you've got a better version in the recipe book!! I own the recipe book!!! I need to buy veg oil in bulk for the frying I'll end up doing! lol.

  2. Absolutely love your channel and the wonderful banter you and your mum have -cheering me up in this miserable lockdown. Have made 5 recipes from your channel and am definetly ordering myself your cookbook. For this recipe with having good quality five spice-would you reccommend Zheng feng five spice or Lucky Fish five spice more? Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It's very Brit Chinese takeaway stuff, you wouldn't find most of it anywhere else in Europe Chinese takeaways ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

  4. mate, ignore the trolls . They don't deserve recognition. Love your channel , love your recipes (I've tried a few) love your relationship with your Mom, She is the star of the channel

  5. Iโ€™ve pre prepped a bunch of the chicken, how would you recommend re- cooking it ?

    From frozen?
    Defrost ?

  6. Is corn starch and corn flower the same thing I really want to try this recipe but I'm struggling with the last component ha

  7. Why give a recipe then say the more authentic version is in the book??? Because this video is just a sales pitch to get you to buy the book.

  8. Hi Chin & Choo cooked this dish today using the recipe from your cook book , first time we have tried this dish and it was lovely๐Ÿ˜Š very tasty will cook it again thank you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„big thumb ๐Ÿ‘Trevor

  9. Hi, can I ask why custard powder and potatoes startch, not flower and startch and water. I used to work at a Chinese takeaway and Mr & Mrs Liu from ho wah Takeaway used the flower method. I'm a chef an very very interested in trying your method tonight with some chicken wings. I've actually grounded a dry rub of black and white peper corns, salt, msg, gaic granuals, ginger powder, five spice and chilie flakes, to spinkle over at the end.

  10. Lol there is only two kinds of Pizza in Italy Margarita and Marinara one with and one without cheese.. Put anything else on it and you'll be shot at dawn.. Anyway you probably haven't tasted the real deal it's a whole pile better than the shit from here

  11. Hi, I'm curious my local Chinese takeaway does a spice bag/munchie box no idea what it could be until I saw a video earlier on Facebook actually and now I can't find the video but they referred to something known as a chilli salt? and I did some googling and it kinda looks like what might be sprinkled over. Could this be a possibility? Just with added MSG etc? Spice bags and munchie boxes (salt and chilli chicken, chips, wings, balls in a pizza box essentially) dunno if it's that big in the UK but would love to make something similar at home. Does your book include many salt and chilli recipes if you know of the top of your head? Loved the video btw can't wait for my copy of the book to come through as well! Just can't wait.

  12. I know this is an old video but please reply!! My local Chinese they make their salted chilli chicken different to anywhere I've been before, their chicken is red and it tastes devine, what do you reckon they make their chicken with to make it come out red in their salted chilli chicken?

  13. Hey Chin, should sugar ever feature in the salt and pepper seasoning mix? I made some tonight with a little sugar added and it burned in the pan ๐Ÿ˜

  14. Stunning recipe, and yet another top top video. Love all your videos so far, and you two are great to watch, and I've learnt loads. I'm cooking this tomorrow, but I also love salt and pepper/chilli squid, so I would like to cook that too. So please could you tell me, would I cook S&P squid in the same way? Because I've seen a few recipes for the squid version that don't add any egg. They just rely on the wetness of the squid for the starch to stick to. And obviously I'd only deep-fry it for a couple of minutes too. Many thanks.

  15. On my god. Tried this and the family loved it. A firm favourite at the takeaway. It just so works and so easy. Thank you. Hooked.

  16. I love the way that you're honest about it all.
    Like most big cooking channels like BBC will be like "Ohh, no scary MSG!"
    Where as you do it the real way, and the way that taste real. Good on you.
    I did crispy beef last night, it was good. But next time I will use potato starch, I only had cornstarch on hand.
    Also very good tip on prepping lots in advance, and then freezing.
    Prepping and cooking each day is fun, but tiresome.
    I will have to pre-batter lots of chicken and beef in one big go I think

  17. No need for anyone to troll here I think your mum already trolled you enough. One of my fav dishes – tried cooking so many times following bad recipes. Very excited to try this. You have earned this sub, thank you for sharing.

    Wok: โ€œWhy do I hear boss music?โ€