You WON’T BELIEVE what Chinese food I sent Mom and Dad!

Time for another #unboxing video with Bobu and Han Meimei!

This time I’ve sent one of China’s most famous dishes to my mom and dad in Britain. Plus, there are a ton of other tasty Chinese snacks inside the box, including China’s unique potato chip flavours and unique soft drink flavours.

AND… We’ll also be eating some of the things in the box right away.

Want to find out what I sent? Go grab a snack, sit back, relax and get ready to smile!


For Mimi by Twin Musicom

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Music: Tiki Bar Mixer by Kevin MacLeod
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  1. 鸡汤紫菜粉丝胡椒盐馄饨

  2. Found and watched lots of your videos, your work, very funny, knowledgeable, informative, touching as well at times, hope things get normal soon, we all can visit and experience some of the places you had been, like those counties in Xi Zang, or Xin Jiang.

  3. I just love watching your parents eat & enjoy food that you send them! You are such a nice son to share all these different things to try! Thanks for sharing their reactions and enjoyment!

  4. I love see this episode and also could learn some English words and expressions as well! “ you are insinuating I am not a dainty eater”😂