Xinjiang Turks Bagua City, Belt Noodles Pepper Chicken, Lamb Chops, Axing Eat Dry Street Food Special Foods in Bagua City, Xinjiang

Xinjiang Turks Bagua City not only has a gossip-shaped urban structure, but the most famous food street here is two delicacies, pepper chicken and lamb chops. The numb and spicy Chili Ma Chicken can be eaten both hot and cold. You can also add belt noodles to the soup. Both the chicken and the noodles are delicious. The fresh lamb chops are simmered in the broth on a low fire, and the thin and glutinous noodles are made into lamb chops. A full pot is very suitable for Ah Xing’s appetite. Bagua City in Tekesi , Xinjiang not only has a Bagua-shaped urban structure, but the most famous food street here is two delicacies, Jiaoma chicken and lamb chops Jiupianzi. The spicy Jiaoma chicken can be eaten both hot and cold. You can also add belt noodle to the soup. Both the chicken and the noodle are delicious. The fresh lamb chops are simmered in the broth on a low fire, and the thin and glutinous noodle is made into lamb chops. A full pot is very suitable for Axing’s appetite .

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  1. 我国汉族的饮食中,有90%都是瞎逼乱做的,只有10%是健康好吃的。阿星拍摄的视频中,有90%都儿瞎逼乱拍的,只有10%是能看的。

  2. 阿星撐到扶樹可還行🤣,老闆娘好親切,用心製作純手工美食,肯定好吃,我也想學羊排湯!

  3. 八卦適合黑白建築群,八卦陣原本就是惑敵之最,只有懂得64卦位就能自我定位-.-有幾個懂啊!水司樓,根本是世外桃源,水產料理有什麼?

  4. 這才是得救眞相

    沒完沒了的災難,人應該想一想 :  為甚麼會這樣?地球上的物質包括(水)在急速變壞 ,科學家也發現這個問題了。正在尋找其他星球逃生可是談何容易!






  5. 羊排揪片子看起來就覺得好好吃,但是皮带面椒麻鸡應該很辣,我可能不太能吃

  6. 喜欢阿星游新疆、陕西,特别自如,美食文化相得益彰。阿星也是发自内心的喜爱。江南对陕北汉子来说还是细腻了一些。

  7. 老板娘真的是很豪爽。心底坦荡没啥好藏私的。锅碗瓢盆随便看。可以想象当地淳朴的风土人情。

  8. 阿星,你三天兩頭的吃,又都吃這樣超級重口味的,而且還吃的不少,有時候明明是攝影師的份量都還能吃了快一半,你都不怕身體抗的住嗎?

  9. 最喜欢阿星探店的视频。走南闯北,大江大河,纵横江湖,天涯海角,山清水秀,大漠戈壁,人文景观,历史文化,五花八门,应有尽有,各地美食,一揽无余。跟帖的朋友们也大受感染,无不诙谐幽默,兴趣盎然,令人心动不已,身心愉悦!赞赞赞👍👍!

  10. 小妹很质朴可爱,差点把店家看家菜的机密全给阿星拐走了。新疆日照长,麦粒硬,蛋白含量高,类似北非的杜宁麦,所以面食的麦子味道非常香浓。这种揪麦跟意大利搓麦很像,做汤面烩面都很筋道。美!

  11. 阿星,阿星去照苏军马场看赛马啊,还有草原。还有夏塔古道。可以去照苏的美食节吃好吃的。

  12. 去過特克斯,滿滿的回族特色,裡面的八卦公園還有馬英九送的匾額

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  14. 那些脑残说新疆强迫劳动的出来一下,怎么不说话了。多拍一些新疆的视频,谎言不攻自破

  15. 道路的設計像極法國的交通要道