Xiao’er and her grandma make dumpling powder soup, and her grandma acts like a baby in order to let Xiao stay with her. She is very cute[Tian Yuan Xiaoer]

#田园晓儿#TianYuanXiaoer#餃子粉汤#Dumpling Xiaoer made dumplings for her grandma at her aunt’s house, and the old and pretty grandma gave her a spoiled baby. It was so cute that Xiaoer and her grandma made dumpling powder soup. Stay with her and try my best. I am Xiaoer, born in the countryside and growing up in the countryside! Sharing food, sharing a good life. There are no high-rise buildings in the city, no cars, no noise, and some are just a kind of tranquility that people in the city have long missed. Strolling on the country road, enjoying the open sunshine, feeling the unique atmosphere of the country, a little intoxicating. Listening to the crisp singing of the birds, watching the carp in the pond, walking on the stone road, and feeling the rare leisure. The willow branches are swaying with the wind under the gentle spring breeze, and the air seems to be clear and transparent, revealing an intoxicating freshness. Follow Xiaoer to indulge in the rich rural flavor! If you like country life, subscribe to me! .

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  1. 奶奶说金窝银窝不如自己的穷窝,依旧是可爱的奶奶和晓儿。粉汤好像比饺子又好吃😋😋😋👍👍👍🤗

  2. 晓儿你真好,老人就希望有人陪着哄着,你做的很好!祝你们生活快乐,身体健康!

  3. 每次看奶奶和曉兒的互動,感覺就像我媽疼我女兒(當成自己的小小女兒疼愛),好可愛喔!愛妳們喔!😘😘😘