Xiao Du wraps meat dumplings, wait for the fat man to come back to eat together, a family of 3 in the rental house has a very warm time[Fat brother has Du]

Today, Xiao Du made meat dumplings at home and filled a pot, waiting for the fat brother to come home from get off work for dinner. A family of three is happy and warm even in the rental house~ Xiao Du makes meat dumplings and waits for the fat brother to come back together. Eat, a family of 3 in the rental house had a very warm time[Fat brother has a Du]#肉餅餃子#家常便饭# Fat brother has a Du 80 born mother, loves family, loves life. Record the daily life of the shareholding. Xiaodu shares with you the joys and laughter of a family of four, the ups and downs; Sichuanese love to eat, can eat, love to cook, all year round, three meals a day, is the easiest happiness~ Welcome everyone to click the subscribe button on the right https :// Remember to turn on the little bell and receive the update notification as soon as possible~ If you want to see Xiaodu’s daily life, look for[Panggeyoudu]~ This is the only one, no other store! ! ! .

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  1. 追了超小廚好多年了前些日子刷到小楊弟妹的頻道現在又發現了大哥的頻道一起追起來

  2. 二妹去陪伴爸爸~胖哥感覺吃什麼都好幸福👍👍不會一個人對住個手機自言自語拍片了😂😂

  3. 有錢沒錢是另一回事,但家庭有愛有溫暖這是金錢無法比擬的,胖哥小杜夫妻倆恩愛,小孩也教育的很好,祝福你們越來越好

  4. 也可以给表妹送点饺子撒,帮你包了饺子又带妹妹出去耍、吃饭。可以给点心意嘛

  5. 怎就不小碟子沾料給小妹,桌子滴的!小妹也不好意思跟爸爸搶,好有禮貌!!

  6. 别带彤彤来了噻,光蹭饭!帮不了啥忙 😏😁
    把彤彤送到外婆那儿咯 😏
    带大妹儿吧!她可以帮忙 😍👍

  7. Your dumplings look so delicious that I could just eat some of them right now. Mmmmm 😋

  8. Язык должно быть перевод на русский язык

  9. Ελληνικούς Υπότιτλους ΓΝα Σας Καταλαβενουμε

  10. 胖哥吃東西聲音可以再大聲點 太小聲了 吃相不夠難看 可以在誇張些 這樣才能看出胖哥有多少天沒吃飯了!

  11. 台灣,小杜嫁過來台灣,今天就不會那麽辛苦了,小杜越來越美了

  12. 很想聽胖哥唱一首歌曲,叫【上了年紀的男人】裡面歌詞聽起來很有觸動到內心深處