What we ate after a week of ZERO Asian food

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  1. As a tried and true American I would never be able to give up ANY Asian food there’s something about it to where it’s always so flavorful and feels so healthy but when you go home you still take a really good nap. It’s my soul food.

  2. Everything is Chinese Wontons in Chili Oil, BroadBean Noodles, XiaoLongBao, GreenBean StirFry Fried Rice. Even Tofu Dessert actually because it’s called “DoFu Nao” or DouHua “In Tianjin cuisine, Northern-style savoury "tofu brain" is a common breakfast item known as laodoufu (old tofu). Sweet Douhua is topped with syrup sweet-scented osmanthus. The salty one is topped with mustard tuber, seaweed, spring onion, etc. In Hubei, people call spicy Douhua "silk tofu."

  3. Honestly, I’m Cuban-Chinese, but I can’t live without my pan con lechón, pan con bistec, sesame noodles, or hot and sour soup. It’s a necessity.

  4. I truly love Asian food but I often have a internal feud of which I like more, Spanish food or Asian food (more specifically Japanese food because I’m Japanese). And this is has ended this feud. Although I love Spanish food to death. If I went a week without Asian/Japanese food I would be craving it like a goblin does for gold. So thank you, this settles it

  5. I’m not even Asian and I feel that way about Asian food.
    The thing I have to eat every week tho is absolutely anything with mayonnaise, specifically Kewpie.

  6. As a Bengali (Indian), I can't imagine getting through an entire week without rice. Also, absolutely bengali cuisines even if it is in small portions.

  7. Honestly, as a Brazilian, i eat such different dishes on a day to day basis especially if I'm going to a restaurant. But the thing i cannot pass more than a week without is probably my homemade Kare Raisu or other japanese homestyle cooking dishes, even just the sticky rice

  8. As a half Nigerian I can't live without anything pertaining to fufu, Jollof and goat meat. But I live in state that has no African restaurants whatsoever. 😭😭

  9. As someone who is German (Bavarian) to be exact, I wouldn’t be able to eat just German food for long XD There are so many dishes from different European and Asian foods that I love and wouldn’t be able to live without. But there is one type of food Germany got all of the other countries beat: ✨bread✨ (and bread rolls but mostly bread) We have over 300 recipes for just bread and that’s not even counting bread rolls… it’s just the taste of home that I‘d miss after a while