What can you eat at a Chinese Restaurant – Royal China Fulham

What comes to mind when you someone say Chinese food? Maybe sweet and sour chicken? fried rice? or spring rolls? They’re nice, but if you want authentic Chinese cuisine then Royal China is the place to visit.

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Royal China does some amazing food and we wanted to showcase some authentic Chinese foods that you don’t usually see at your local takeaways.

Royal China does daily special, simply walk in, asks what’s special today and they will happily recommend something for you.

Jellyfish with cucumber £8
Don’t be shocked, Jellyfish is by far one of the tastiest delicacies you can have in a Chinese restaurant when served right, and Royal China has definitely done so. Jellyfish has a unique texture, it bouncy, crunchy and paired with a sweet and smokey spice sauce tossed with some fresh cucumber it’s a flavour and texture explosion inside your mouth and it just has to be experienced in person to truly understand.

Pan Fried Scallop with X.O sauce (Daily Special) £8.80 each
The pan-fried scallop with X.O sauce caught our attention so we ordered 3.
The scallop was nicely presented with char on the surface which gave it a smoky fragrance, it’s the topped with some X.O sauce and served on a bed os thin carrot noodles and chiffonaded green on a scallop shell, which sadly was cold.
The scallop was meaty and broke apart with effortless chewing, the X.O sauce added an extra dimension of flavour, it had a hint of spiciness with paired so well with the freshness of the thin slices of vegetables. Only criticism is the price, forking £8 from your wallet for one of these scallops I was expecting bold flavours or something that would get you hooked. It just missed that wow factor.

Peking Duck £24.80
The duck itself is roasted until the duck skin is crispy with a shine that will make your mouth water just by the look. Royal China served the Peking duck with the pancakes, slices of spring onions and cucumber and hoisin sauce, the duck is served on the bed of prawn crackers which I added to wrap, which worked wonderfully.
The meat was juicy and moist and well seasoned, the skin on the other hand even though is had great flavours, the crispiness of the skin, which is watch Peking duck is all about, was missing. Peking duck is a fun dish that you can customise exactly how u want it, I added some prawn crackers which gave it that crispy and crunchy texture that was lacking in the duck skin.

Braised Minced Bean Curd £11.80
One of my all tie favourite, this dish is simple but it’s so satisfying.
Mashed tofu mixed with some minced meat or fish, formed into a shape that resembles meatball, deep fried and then stir fried with some mixed vegetables. The once crispy surface on the tofu soaked up all the juice from the sauce and vegetable, inside still remain soft and smooth, the vegetables is flash fried which still had their fresh crunch, the dish came together in a simple oyster sauce coating everything. This dish is a winner and will change your whole perception about tofu forever.

Steam Sea Bass (Daily Special) £52.00
Fresh sea bass steamed on a lotus leaf, which is then glazed with a simple sauce with shredding chicken on top, sounds good? it is.
The lotus leaf the fish was steamed on releases a unique fragrance which also add extra flavour to the juice. The fish was well done, and the flesh just flaked off the bones. I felt that the fished was steamed a tad too long and could be perfect it was cooked for a minute or so less. The glazing was nice that gave the dish a great flavour, the chicken I though wasn’t really needed for this dish, at the end of the day, the fish should be the star of the dish.

Baby Pak Choi in Soup £10.80
Having some vegetable in a Chinese meal is essential, and instead of having our Pak Choi stir fried with garlic, which would have been wonderful, we went for a more homemade / healthy style. Pak Choi in a heart-warming broth served with Goji berries and Shiitake mushroom. This is a plain, clean with simple seasoning which worked so well with all the bold flavours from the other dishes. The Pak Choi was cooked just right retaining its crunchiness. The Goji berries let out a hint of sweetness and the Shiitake mushroom gave it the earthiness. Absolutely delicious.

The visit to Royal China was a pleasant experience overall, the staffs were friendly and prompt and the meal was on par with a decent Chinese restaurant. Therefore we are giving Royal China Fulham a yummy score of 3.5 YUMS.

The daily special, scallop and steamed sea bass, I felt was over priced and under delivered. It didn’t give me any excitement or the urge to go back for more.

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  1. I like your food videos. It's also a good idea that you reveal the prices at the end of the video as it makes viewers keep watching as they want to see what it all costs at the end.

  2. I'm one of those people who are petty with food prices. When I saw the price of the scallop I think my eye balls went for holiday to the back of my head. I can't help but compare to scallops I had in China which would buy portions for 20 people for that price.