What are soup dumplings?

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  1. My mom always makes them and their so good I always just bite it a little and suck up the soup and then eat the dumping 💛

  2. I have a lot of siblings ,so if there a few restaurants that’s aren’t too expensive that a big family could go to? (For reference about 7 members)

  3. I always get burned because I can't wait because they are so good. 🤣😅 I think I am going to do this from now on. I never knew this and I feel so stupid lmao.

  4. I need to find out where to find these places and where to buy the items that she uses to make all her yummy looking food. 🤤 I’m dying to learn how to cook that food

  5. i eat the skin first and then the meat and soup-
    sometimes i cant have xiaolongbao because the soup will sometimes have peanuts in it

  6. Dumpling soup should be consumed from the dumpling itself but not pouring into the spoon, haha 😆. But it's ok you tried your way

  7. I always just bite it in my mouth i have never think to make a hole and let the soup out first._. Have i been eating these wrong my whole life