We Tried 16 Chinese Chain Restaurants. Here’s The Best One

Watch this video about 16 Chinese chain restaurants and which one is the best!

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Manchu Wok | 00:00
Asian Chao | 00:50
City Wok | 1:24
Chowking | 2:08
Pick Up Stix | 2:57
HuHot Mongolian Grill | 3:34
Mama Fu’s | 4:20
Leeann Chin | 5:06
Mark Pi’s | 5:45
Din Tai Fung | 6:18
Pei Wei Asian Kitchen | 6:51
Chinese Gourmet Express | 7:30
bd’s Mongolian Grill | 7:59
P.F. Chang’s | 8:30
Mr. Chow | 9:14
Panda Express | 9:51

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  1. Are you kidding me! Panda Express is #1.. Its terrible! I don't know who made this list…but its way off!

  2. Everyone here complaining about panda express is caping. First pff theres these people saying “shits bland”. And then there are pther people saying “its suger meat”. TF DO YALL WANT PICK A SIDE JESUS IS IT BLAND OR TOO FLAVORFUL. Then there are these people saying that panda express has small portions but like the styrofoam things they use are legit the same size as the ones at your local Chinese restaurant which apparently “always give giant portions”. When you look at chinese people trying panda express they dont mind it at all and here you are talking about chinese food like your from the deepest shoalin temples of china and your the most chinese person in the world. What do yall even want, a giant plate of fine dining when you pay 7 dollars?

  3. Where’s Quickly?? They have really good Chinese food lol I’m from the Bay Area and there pretty yummy! Panda Express is overrated as all hell tbh

  4. My Chinese mom literally makes Chinese food 10x better than these fast food chain, like seriously, people are 100% correct with the sugar chicken from Panda Express, it’s horrible.

  5. Panda Express at #1? It’s good for fast food I guess, but both PF Chang’s and Din Tai Fung serve objectively better food.

  6. PF Changs has middling (at best) food for at least twice the price of your average mom and pop chinese restaurant. Don't ever waste your money there.

  7. Never had Panda Express, but just looking their menu it's clearly not authentic Chinese food. And saying Din Tai Fung is not that good is like saying Olive Garden is great but a high end Italian restaurant isn't that good because it's too expensive. Panda Express's Cream Cheese Rangoon is just an insult to fried wonton, like putting cream cheese in sushi. But the best Chinese restaurant is clearly not from the chain restaurant, but rather from several local restaurants in Chinatown.

  8. Out of all the chain restaurants in this list only Panda Express is around where I am. I have see Asian Chao in an airports though. Why all the hate for Panda Express? Their food is good but a bit over priced. I'm surprised Master Wok wasn't on this list. Also I just might visit my local Panda Express, get a Panda Bowl with orange chicken and chow mein.


  10. its really weird but not a single of these chinese chains exist in my city.
    tons of fantastic traditional mom and pop spots though.

  11. You are aware that all credibility is destroyed if panda express isn't the lowest rated right?

  12. PF Chang's are you joking. Their food doesn't taste like authentic Chinese food. Because it's mostly prepared by whites and latinos chefs. Overpriced junk. Do better at a corner Chinese restaurant with real asian chefs.

  13. I'm lowkey embarrassed to say this but I liked the Chinese food at Panda Express more than the Chinese food I had when I went to China lol I looooove Panda Express

  14. I gave Panda Express a chance when they opened near me. I was rewarded with a nasty case of food poisoning. Never again! I feel queasy just thinking about their food. PF Changs or BD Mongolian are both MUCH better than Panda! (But yes, I agree that the best food of any style is always going to be the local hole-in-the-wall place.)

  15. You know who has great Chinese? Cheese Cake factory The Orange Chicken and Spicy Armond Chicken is so GOOD at least to me

  16. Never heard of these, only Panda, but I like my home neighborhood store owners are Chinese, not south of the border people.