We DIDN’T EXPECT to find Chinese food in Pakistan! HALAL Chinese Food?- CHINESE NEW YEAR in Pakistan

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! // GONG XI FAT CHAI to our Chinese friends.

Before coming to Pakistan, we spent a year in Malaysia where there is a huge Chinese population. So Chinese New Year is a big celebration in Malaysia.
Since we are in Pakistan, we decided to find a good Chinese restaurant to celebrate and try Chinese food in Pakistan!
To our surprise, there are actually many Chinese restaurants.
Unfortunately we cannot find any info about CNY celebrations in Lahore. But we are glad to dine in one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Lahore (Mandarin Kitchen in DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Pakistan).
Check out our reaction!

We cannot wait to explore more of this country! Pakistan Zindabad!

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00:00 – Why we are celebrating CNY this year
2:59 – Reviewing and explaining Pakistani-Chinese food
7:03 – Comparing Pakistani-Chinese food to Canadian-Chinese food
12:30 – BONUS: Eating the bowl LOL

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year to those celebrating!🎊🏮
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  2. Yes here we called Hakah Chinese in Toronto mostly our south Asian Chinese Hakkah food 🥘, excellent to see your videos every day and missing my country Pakistan and here Toronto snow and cold enjoy

  3. Gong Hei Fat Choi Lai See Dao Loi.hei mong lei tei enjoy Pa kei si tan.from Hong Kong man from Tokyo Japan.

  4. Chinese Food, German cars, Italian sports cars, French cosmetics are best in the world. And I think available all over the world

  5. There's a chinatown in karachi, and there are chinese restaurants owned by actual chinese owners…. and they have some of the best chinese food i've had in pakistan…

  6. There are actually a lot of Chinese people living in Pakistan due to the one belt one road initiative between China and Pakistan. Their community has a lot of restaurants but they're a lot more low-key. You really have to search for them but I remember eating at this one Chinese restaurant built into a house in Islamabad. Your best bet is Islamabad since that is where a big mix of diplomat-related foreigners live. It might be better to search Chinese social media maybe if you know someone who can decipher mandarin. Or just do extensive google searches.

  7. China town resturant is here in islamabad with some authentic chinese and chinese food is extrrmely popular in pakistan.

  8. Sweet and savoury is eaten in Shanghai. It represents one of the 6 different types of cuisines in China. Furthermore, most Malaysian Chinese come from Guangdong and are hakka in origin. Thus, the food would be totally different.

  9. Nanking. Jade garden, Tung Nang and many other chinese restaurants existed as a old as fifty five years ago. Chinese families have assimilated into Pakistani culture very nicely.
    Yongay the very famous Chinese Food caterer for almost ove 25 years in Karachi defence area is the best chef in Karachi and has roots from long defunct NAN KING on Tariq Road. Try him you will be surprised.

  10. Chinese food is available all over Pakistan even in small towns n many Chinese workers are living in Pakistan now in every city almost..

  11. Chopsticks is a Eastern Asia thing and also mainland Southeast Asia. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar also uses them

  12. Jetlag Warriors. There is a china town in Pakistan. Not sure about lahore but there is in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. There are chinese living in Pakistan but the population is obviously tiny

  13. There are a lot of Chinese in Pakistan they come to work the Chinese food in Pakistan is designed for the Pakistani people it is bit spicier than normal Chinese food