WAGYU BEEF RAMEN & 30 Minute SUSHI Omakase | Japanese RAMEN TOUR of Chicago

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There are many amazing Japanese ramen shops in Chicago and in this video I go on a ramen tour which ends with an amazing omakase experience.

Restaurants I went to:
Gyuro Ramen
Address: 171 N Aberdeen St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

Ramen Wasabi
Address: 2101 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Sushi by Bou

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What do you think?


  1. Glad you're putting Chi-town on the map. We are a city of diversity in culture and of course culinary experiences.

  2. I was so excited when you first started trying sushi 🍣 look at you now I love it.

  3. Chicago not only has the best food in America, it has the best food in the world.
    Johnnies Beef. Get it double dipped with sport peppers. NO CHEESE

    Ramen wasabi kicks ass. Logan Square has some of the best food spots on the planet.

  4. Welcome to my city. I love it when u come here cause I go to the same places right after you do. Thank you so muuuuccchhh

  5. Are you ever go to okinawa try okinawa soba and there pig feets they like that i like only the 🍲 soup. And gyoza too.

  6. Totally going to drop by for quick omakase when I head to Chicago! I still remember the time when Mike used to steer clear of raw fish until he had a collab in Japan to try fresh fish for the first time. Way a long way he's come 😀

  7. 4:30 I like how Mikey pushes the gold flakes aside like its nothing to show the beef pieces hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  8. i understand why u r such a foody , man u r living in heven eating asian food all the time i get it its i live to eat , cz its asian food , i dunno why they say italian food is no1 in the world
    .. its chineese food that is definatley no1 then mediteranian arabic food , then comes th italian come on i would kill just to eat those asian dishes that u vlog about , too bad we dont have quality asian food like that in our country 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    chinees japanees korean food
    to die for if there is heven i want it to be filled with those food and never to get full just keep eating forever , seafood asian style with noodles and others … u r really the luckiest person in the world …

  9. Going to Chicago this week for the first time! And I will be checking these places out! Thank you Mikey Chen!

  10. Wondering how is it domestic “wagyu” if I thought wagyu cattle was only from Japan.??

  11. I know Boise Idaho isn't the most exciting place….but it's the closest place that has some Korean/Asian places to eat! So if you get the chance, I'd love to see you review places to eat there.

  12. Menya Goku is our favorite! They closed down during covid and we anxiously awaited their reopening for like a year and a half. The best ramen in the city 😋 so glad you highlighted them in the vid!

  13. This just reminds me of how Mike didn't used to eat Sushi or raw fish & now he's eating better sushi than I ever will :')

  14. Mike,

    I am a longtime fan of yours. You have such amazing presentation skills that can keep people entertained and hooked. But please travel to more unexplored places. Also you can utilize this presentation skills of yours in some show as anchor or something. People will love to see you on TV.


  15. SO happy you tried Ramen Wasabi finally… I haven't found anything better, but this video has added 2 more stops to see if they can be topped

  16. How do I say this I prefer Strictly Dumpling over Mike Chen channel I think its because you seem funnier and a little more relaxed on dumpling than you do on Mikey , but it's probably all in my head.

  17. Watching from Sweden 🇸🇪🙋🏻‍♀️😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗everything looks so delicious 👍😋😋😋

  18. Really want to visit Chicago! Heard so many good things about the food and this video has cemented it further 😍

  19. I have been fan of this channel for ages and I have to say one of my favourite things to see was how Mikey started to like sushi! I remember him avoiding anything raw and not particularly liking sushi because of this, but look at him now! Enjoying sushi! How far he has come 😂