Wa-flavored Pickled Spicy – Unique Spicy from Yunnan Minority[Dianxi Xiaoge]

Our Shidian’s pickled and spicy is a taste that I am all too familiar with. Since I was a kid, I have made all kinds of pickled and spicy foods and stored them in jars every year. And the first time I went to Ximeng, I realized that chili peppers can be so spicy. The first time I cried for spicy food was in the Wa Mountains, and these marinated fish and meat can actually be eaten raw! The pickled and spicy dishes from different places are the epitome and representative of the food culture of this place, and the hotness of the Wa people is vividly expressed in the pickled and spicy dishes. This time, I brought these pickled and spicy dishes back to my family to eat, not only to enjoy the food, but also to enjoy the food. Let the family feel the charm and culture of the Wa ~ ※Click “cc” on the lower right menu to choose your subtitle language. I’m very familiar with Shidian’s pickled spicy foods because I grew up eating them. Every year, I make a variety of pickled spicy foods and store them in jars. During my first trip to Ximeng, I realized how hot their spicy foods can be. The peppers I ate in Wa Mountain were so hot that I cried and it was the first time in my life, and their pickled fish and meat can be eaten raw! The pickled spicy foods in different places are the epitomes of the food cultures of different places, and the hotness of the Wa people is vividly expressed in their pickled spicy dishes. This time, I brought home some pickled spicy foods for my family, not only to let them enjoy the foods, but also to show them the charm and culture of the Wa people. Hello everyone!I’m a little brother in western Yunnan, an authentic Yunnan girl. If you like my videos, please continue to pay attention to my channel. I will share my life and Yunnan specialties on different platforms. I wish you a happy every day, every day Accompanying food~ YouTube【Dianxi Xiaoge】▶️ Facebook【Dianxi Xiaoge】 ▶️ Instagram【dianxixiaoge_apenjie】▶️https:/ / #陳西小哥#DianxiXiaoge #ĐiềnTâyTiểuCa #點 Spicy

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  3. Your food always looks delicious ! I literally would eat anything you served. I bet it smells amazing in the kitchen.

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