Vlog#21 I learned to make Li Ziqi’s beef noodles. It took a day and a night, but…

Reading the beef noodle made by Li Ziqi and the comments below, they all said it was done very well. I wanted to try it a long time ago and try to follow the same steps to see if it can be done. I watched the video many times and estimated the time, at least 4-5 hours. I usually don’t have time to do it at work~ Taking advantage of the epidemic, I finally have time to work slowly and make a bowl of beef ramen. The actual cooking time is far more than 4-5 hours, I did it for a whole day! I started to boil beef bones, beef, and chicken broth the night before. I started making noodles the next day, and finally ate it the next night. I have to say that although there are many places that have not been prepared, it is definitely the best noodle I have ever eaten! #ttstayhomecookingchallenge.

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