Visiting a Chinese Food Joint In Mumbai | The Big Forkers Ep. 2 | Is It Worth It

Chinese food in India has a long history of permutations, concoctions, combinations and hodge-podgery; from the almost but not quite authentic, to the Indianised, Desified – Sezwan versions. Served up at roadside carts to white table cloth temples of Confu-sion. We have been exposed to it all.
In walk, The Big Forkers to a self-proclaimed ‘Authentic’ Chinese restaurant in Mumbai and well, hell hath no fury like Sid scorned of Authentic Chinese food.
We didn’t plan it this way, nor did Team Modi apparently, but this is the Forkers invasion of House of MANDARIN !!
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  1. "True food bloggers ,cutting straight through the bullshit for real critics. I am also glad that they do have a lot of knowledge to share and make people aware about what is chinese and what is japanese. keep going guys

  2. Love this show. How the hell are you’ll so well acquainted with the taste of condoms.

  3. The fat man's judging Indian Chinese food like an Indian aunty judging her millennial neighbor. FFS! It is made for Indian audience!

  4. this shanky feels like how a drunk gujarati slept with a drunk mallu in a marathi hotel room = bevda bambaiya

  5. This passion project is soon going to be the only thing that y'all do!! Y'all are very engaging and have too much fun!! Love it!!

  6. This is why The Big Forkers are unique. This is a first world problem that only I and this channel care about.

    I had my "real" Chinese meal at Din Tai Fung, Dubai and it was be different from what I imagined. Dan Dan noodles with peanut sauce had a subtlety I enjoyed a lot. Having said that I really enjoy Chinese Indian as well. The problem in India is how to position "authentic" Chinese because it's too different to the Indian palette, so these restaurants have to "adapt".

    But a lot of the clientele who can visit these "high brow" places are fairly discerning, so the experience is always disappointing.

  7. Bro..Chinese food in the west was/is cooked by x-taxi drivers and clerks in hongkong who migrated to the west in the 60s and 70s. Their food is crap. Genuine chinese food can only be found in Hongkong. The best chefs in hongkong mainly migrated from shunde, guangdong.

  8. 2:12
    "Asian Jam Party" would've been a better name for the place by the seems. XD
    By the way a quality video, cheers guys. 🙂

  9. I just love the way he screwed the entire menu dish by dish. This the way this fancy fucking places they call restaurants should be reviewed. Way to go!. Please visit all the so called authentic Mexican Italian even South Indian fancy restaurants.

  10. Sid using heavy words like pontificate
    Damn lol
    Go easy
    We haven’t even crossed Borivali yet

  11. Shanky, i truly agree with you and ive been getting everyone i know to eat Chicken Fried Rice with Butter Chicken. It is the best combination of Chinese and Indian ever……Period.

  12. I admire the guys knowledge…But he should respect the efforts put in..It cant be the same as he experienced in China…Restaurant business runs on what local people's Taste are….They just cant be bragging arnd with fancy Chinese words which 99% of Indians wont understand…I know the restaurant is fooling with authentic Chinese tag..But its ok if 99% of Indians enjoy its taste..There is no need to get so technical and just enjoy the taste.

  13. You guys are horribly blunt.. get some safety gears to protect urself from “Chinese Kung fu”😜😜👌👌

  14. I've been following your work for sometime now, hats off to you guys. However, one thing I don't get is this: you expect authentic Chinese dishes but don't take into consideration Bombay's demographic, we don't like authentic we like it indianised. And that goes from Chinese to Lebanese etc it works wrt the alcohol too. I've been searching for authentic Japanese food in Bombay for years with no success and the reason is simple, these joints don't get good business because of its authenticity. Anyway love what you guys do and keep up the good work! and if you ever feel like eating good goan food, my place is always welcome! Cheers