Viral video of women being attacked sparks fury in China

Graphic security footage, posted on Chinese social media, showing brutal attacks on four women in a restaurant has triggered national outrage and sparked heated discussions online about the safety of women in China. CNN’s Steven Jiang reports.

Link to the full report:

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  1. Domestic violence is a silent epidemic in China so this unfortunately isn't all that surprising. Also harsh discipline & child abuse is so common it's almost expected. Not that this gives them a pass- I really hope their punishment fits the crime but China also has a history of going easy on men who commit gender based crimes. It's so ingrained in their culture to hit each other- they've got a long way to go & it's a steep climb but if they start addressing it & the government doesn't silence people for talking about it maybe things will improve.

  2. I think we should sent our Indian women in China to help these defenseless Chinese women.
    They are very good in beating men.

  3. And to think a so called
    They/them liberal American 🇺🇸 named John Cena apologized to this womanizing “let’s just sweep it under the rug so it never happened” country like China 🇨🇳

  4. It was a Chinese gang. You can't stand up to them. Their parents may have connected to the communist party so the police are limited. Other men, learn to mind their own business or they could get beaten or killed.
    Not a free country folks.

  5. These guys are finished! I promise you, the victims will forget this day before the attackers do.

    They are repeat offenders and I am sure that this incident will be judged harshly since these men are clearly a long term problem.

    For once, I am all for the wrath of the CCP.

  6. Okay, was able to finally see the footage. So typical of Beijing to censor CNN. Good job, reporting the truth about violence against women, in China. Thank you!

  7. This seems normal in that community. It justifies the fact that those men sitting in the restaurant didn’t even care to neutralize the situation. Poor women in that area…! they should bring more of this to expose such actions and get justice for those abused women.

  8. 在中国被打时,应不应该还手?这个问题如果没有中国政府的司法部门爬出来解释,这个问题就永远无法明确。这个问题的难点就在于你怎么知道对方是不是要弄死你?按照法律,你必须在知道对方要弄死你时,你才能还手,否则报警,没有说在你不知道对方要弄死你时,你要不要还手。如果对方拿的是枪,当你看到时已经卷铺盖下地了。

  9. 鸡国法律说了,没有见义勇为这一说,这几个女的也不是什么达官贵人,而且打人的那几个男的人家也没打你,你跑过去主动打人家,那是寻衅滋事,扰乱社会治安,是要坐牢的。人家打你,你得忍者或者报警,你还手那叫互殴,用了椅子,那叫械斗,你打别人,别人还手那叫正当防卫,打死你了,那叫防卫过当,或者人家直接掏出精神病证明……北鼻,这是个特权社会,什么正义,那些怂恿别人去打架的人自己都不会去帮忙,这些人无知又不懂法,不了解社会,他们有一个响亮的称呼-键盘侠。

  10. 唐山是全国文明城市,而且还是四连冠。

  11. 这个问题除了鸡国法律不支持以外也有个人原因,鸡国法律设定打赢坐牢,打输住院,也就是说无论输赢都会对施救者造成不可估量的经济损失,假如你有老婆孩子,和病重的母亲,还有贷款买的房子,车子,假如啊,不要激动,这时候,如果你去帮忙了,就会直接导致你的老婆孩子跟别人走了,你没老婆孩子了,还会带有你所有的财产,你贷款买的房子车子,也会因为你施救他人被银行车行依法收回,你病重的母亲也会因为你施救别人而没有经济来源救治,就此去世,而你,会因为你的这一善举间接害死并失去你最亲近的人,这个善举会成为你这一生中永不磨灭的遗憾。此时此刻,假设上帝可以满足你一个愿望,你一定会许愿希望来生做个所有的童话里,和所有的神话故事里都没有的…最邪恶的恶魔。

  12. My Chinese neighbor here in LA we don't get along and he somehow convinced his friends to hate me and when they drive by when I was working on my yard the drove very close to me only couple feet always then park for long time.

  13. China; another nation that disarmed their citizens. And here you are playing the hypocrite because you are trying to disarm Americans.

  14. The chinese way, must be the effect of all those dog sadwiches or maybe pangalan or maybe bat..

  15. First the Muslims lose their rights, then the poor women. Next working class women will lose their rights and followed by migrant workers. This is what happens when you take rights away from one group of people.

  16. People of all walks of life should be outraged not just women. If these gangsters were beating up my brother and boyfriend I’d be outraged too.

  17. People of all walks of life should be outraged not just women. If these gangsters were beating up my brother and boyfriend I’d be outraged too.

  18. I heard one or two of the women have died. They were all beaten pretty bad, with kicks to the head and punches and chair thrown on their heads.

  19. 女权主义,男女平等,这就是男女平等的现实操练。少一点‘女权主义’就会少一些对‘女性的暴力和仇视’。少一点两性对立。 Less feminism,less hatred,hostility and violence towards women.

  20. You want gender equality,then this is gernder equality. Life has no room for political correctness show.

  21. If there's ever a time to suspend human rights to beat the shit out of the attackers as a death sentence then china should do so