Vending Machines in Japan – Korean & Chinese Food

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Today’s Meal:
0:00 Intro to Korean Food Vending Machines
2:11 Chinese Food Vending Machine
4:20 Korean Spicy Tofu Soup $2.90
5:33 Korean Dried Seaweed $0.30
6:28 Korean Spicy Fried Chicken $2.90
7:44 Korean Savory Seafood Pancake (Chijimi) $3.25
9:20 Chinese Traditional Shumai Dumplings (12 Pcs.) $8.50
11:00 Chinese Steamed Beef Bun $2.50
12:00 Chinese Steamed Pork Bun $2.50
12:31 Chinese Steamed Sweet Bean Paste Bun $2.50

What do you think?


  1. The land of vending machines Flied Lice Hehe Tofu in my book ain't that healthy the way they preserve it You're a brave western Man for being in Japan I hope you have a Toilet handy

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  3. Usually the green in Korean pancakes are scallions not spinach, so if that is spinach that could be why it's weird.

  4. I've Never once watched anything close to this CLOWN!! Youtube can take their woke bs and …………………

  5. That same exact seaweed costs almost 3 dollars each package where I Live in nevada, and it cost Eric 29 cents

  6. the pancake would've been good to fry on a pan and dip in soy sauce, same with dumplings except maybe some hot mustard

  7. Eric can't say it enough you are inspiring and super chill me and my wife love your videos and watch them everyday. Keep up the good work Ericsurf6.

  8. Chinese, Korean and Japanese are my favourite cuisine; I cook almost all my savoury dishes with gochujang paste to spice things up.
    I can't wait until I finally find myself in Japan! Hopefully my Son hasn't forgotten that he's paying for the trip LOL

  9. Love a wee subtle dumpling. Def finding some fun machines again. How about a Eric Hunts the new vend video? Show off the miles of wanderings you enjoy to find them.

  10. What a great country. No vagrants, no garbage on the streets, no graffiti, polite people and great vending machine food.

  11. Hi eric i watched almost all your videos and they are so amazing full of energy and its funny when you say it's lit yo hhhh so i want to ask can you do halal either places or vending machines that possibly can buy halal stuff thank you!!!!!!

  12. I’m not sure what video it was but wasn’t there a online website to get free ramen kits and all that ?

  13. My step mom as a kid was Japanese and I tried seaweed at her house for the first time and fell in love with it before my taste buds fully developed lol but every one though I was so weird for liking it because not many kids ate it. But I’m 41 now so the flavor has definitely gotten better in my opinion 😊

  14. How old is the chinese dumpling recipe? Look like the first ever hamburgers if many centuries old.

  15. I really like the variety off videos: from simple vending machine videos to edited montages of a festival of some sort.

  16. I'm curious Eric, so alcohol from vending machines in Japan available even to young people? if they are not old enough to drink alkohol. Btw, love your videos

  17. The dried sea weed looked delicious.
    Dumplings looked a bit breadie.
    Great to see you as always.

  18. Interesting how in Japan you can still get plastic bags while here in New Zealand all plastic bags and now banned.