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This is my very own super easy recipe for vegetarian dumplings soup. It is a vegetable wonton soup recipe based on the classic Chinese flavors of the very popular wonton dumpling but minus the meat filling.

Classic Cantonese wonton is made with pork and shrimp but I will be using asparagus, tofu and shiitake mushrooms for the filling of my vegetable dumpling recipe.

Wonton is a very popular dish because it is delicious,light and versatile. Wonton soup can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or diner. It can be eaten as a snack or paired with noodle for a more substantial meal.

In Hong Kong, it can be ordered in inexpensive cafes or uptown restaurants. Indeed, wonton is often eaten as a part of Dim Sum either as wonton soup or fried wonton.

However, the best thing about making your own wonton dumplings at home is that you can experiment with the fillings. My vegetable dumpling is certainly unique and I am confident you will be hard pushed to find something similar in any normal commercial establishment.

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wonton wrappers
shiitake mushrooms
Bok Choy
Spring onions scallion
soy sauce
sesame oil
white pepper
0:00 Introduction
0:54 Ingredients
1:30 Preparation
3:02 Wrapping the Wonton
3:40 Cooking the Soup
5:42 Serving Suggestion

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