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Momo is a type of steamed dumpling with some form of filling. Momo has become a traditional delicacy in Nepal, Tibet, as well as among Nepalese and Tibetan communities in Bhutan, as well as people of Ladakh, Northeast India and Darjeeling regions of India.

Utterly unique and delicious, momos – Tibetan dumplings – are basically the unofficial national dish of Tibet. Every Tibetan family has a slightly different momo recipe, with various theories on how to make them the most juicy and delicious, or how to keep the dough skins to the desired delicate thinness.
The variations are endless – momos can be meat, vegetarian, steamed (the most popular), fried, and cooked in soup.
Here, we show you how to cook both beef momos and Lobsang’s unique and wonderful vegetarian momos 🙂 You might like to try also his cheese and spinach momos recipe or the super tasty chicken (cha sha) momos. And learn how many calories are in steamed veg momos.
In case you’re wondering, the word “momo” is pronounced with the same “o” sound as in “so-so.”


Tibetan Momo, A Kind of Exotic Dumpling in Tibet

One Chinese proverb says: “Food is the first necessity of the people.” That’s exactly true. Food always best represents the real life and culture in a place and it also directly reflects the flavor preference of the natives, as the Sichuan people prefer spicy dishes, Hong Kong Citizens, sweet soups, etc. There is a kind of exotic dumpling in Tibet named Momo that meets with great favor in neighboring Nepal, the Kingdom of Bhutan and even New York City. Why does this ordinary Tibetan wheaten food become so popular overseas? What’s the special unknown reason behind it? Is it any particular about the cooking, way to eat, ingredients or side dishes? Hereby, let’s reveal the mysterious veil on this Tibetan cuisine.
Tibet dumplings as Momo

What is Momo?

As a traditional wheaten food in Tibet, Momo may look like Chinese dumpling or Baozi. However, don’t be cheated by its dumpling-like shape because it is different from dumpling. Momo derives from Tibet but it is even more popular in Nepal, which always misleads people to consider Momo originates from Nepal. Actually the majority of Tibetan momo is half-moon in shape, however Nepali one is normally round and filled with chicken, coriander, ginger, and Nepali spice. Momo can be cooked in various ways including steam, fry, and boil; therefore the different cooking methods will bring you different sense of taste. Just like that common Chinese dumplings dip in vinegar, momo usually dips in its special sauce, made of tomato sauce and mustard. Fried momo dipped with this sauce fantastically tastes like the flavor of curry. What an amazing magic! Since momo flavor is acceptable and loved by almost everyone from all the nations and regions and, its making and cooking method is not too difficult for ordinary people to try it in their kitchen. Then nowadays, it becomes so popular all around world that some American families even “invent” their own Tibetan momos at home. For this reason, let’s have our momo DIY either and try to cook the Tibetan momo of our own. .

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  1. Wow, finally i found this video on youtube, grt recipe for momos, and you have made it so easy and Simple. Loved it, tomorrow gonna try your recipe❤