Use chinese wampi fruits to make delicious Chinese foodWampi is used as fruit or cooking, many people don’t know, teach you the correct way to eat wampi|wild girl

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  1. คุณ..ทำรายการนี้ดีเยี่ยมมากจากไทยแลนค์..🍒

  2. que chamamos de Pitomba, parabéns pelo vídeo.

  3. สวัดดีทรมชาติสวยงามมากวิวทิวทัส.ทักทายสวัดดี..

  4. Sudah pindah rumah kah??, apakah mereka sudah menikah?, congratulation for u wedding sister…🥰❤

  5. 秋去冬盡春意濃,百花齊放舞春風,木蘭仙女巧天虹,粉面蔥花辣椒紅。

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  7. The two of you just having a fun day – how nice.. thanks for sharing your life. hugs from Mississippi, USA

  8. This fruit look like longan, this is so amazing natural of video and delicious food 🍲