Uncle rides 3 rounds to sell breakfast, and sells 3 vats in 1 hour!2 yuan per capita to eat, customers grab bowls

To explore the world’s most flaming delicacy, I am Snowfish. 🐟 Uncle Anhui rides a tricycle to sell breakfast, and customers wait there with bowls and pots before they go out. The uncle does not have a facade, and customers are all serving bowls outside. This breakfast is called mashed by the locals. It is made with tofu skin, sesame salt, peanuts, etc. It tastes slightly salty. Can sell 3 big barrels one morning, and can’t drink it after sleeping late. 🐟 Address: Dongguan Mamu, Fuyang City, Anhui Province Business Hours: 07:00-08: 00 Instagram: Bilibili: Xueyu Exploration Shop Sina Weibo: Xueyu Exploration Shop🐟 #安徽美食#安徽健身#麻糊#AnhuiFood #ChineseFood #StreetFood.

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  1. น่าทานค่ะ😋 แต่อยากรู้ว่าคืออะไร..ขายดีจัง..

  2. New subscriber here in philippines miss beautiful girl i like that kind of food my dear shout out next video Jay Marcelo mawik of looc romblon ph stay safe and stay strong gbph

  3. 好奇特 自己帶碗去盛了 自己找地方吃
    台灣頂多買飲料自備容器吧 拿碗感覺也太麻煩
    後段說的收碗 聽到一頭霧水
    無貶義 只是風俗民情不同

  4. What food is that? Is it sweet or salty? Is it soup or porridge? And what is it made from, chicken, pork, fish or what?

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