[Two meters of cooking smoke]Gong Cai, Special Crispy Chinese Food It takes 6 months to harvest a kind of magical food, which will make a crisp sound when chewing.

※ Please click “cc” to choose your subtitle language, which is on the “Settings” at the bottom right corner of the video (If the computer used). Gong Cai or Yamakurage is a very special food It looks like stem lettuce, but really isn’t Its color is brighter than stem lettuce, and tastes more crispy, with a flavor like a jellyfish and since it sounds crunchy, it’s also called “Sound Lettuce” Cut into thin sticks, and after getting sun-dried it will be very flavorful. There’re also many recipes for it, In Sichuan, it is a must-have for hotpot. This time I didn’t make hotpot, instead, I made the Chili Boiled Veggies & Meat, Chili Oil Gong Cai Salad, and Diced Chicken Stir-Fried with Gong Cai (which is inspired by the Minced Chicken with Preserved Mustard Buds) I got hungry by just repeating these names of dishes… It’s lettuce, but it’s really not lettuce. Its color is brighter than lettuce, and its texture is more refreshing. It tastes like jellyfish because of its food sound, so it’s called scallops after peeling, splitting, and drying. It’s even more unique and there are many different ways to eat. Gong Cai is also an indispensable dish for hot pot. This time I didn’t boil hot pot, but I cooked Maocai cold tribute dish, and there is also a chicken rice tribute dish improved with chicken rice sprouts. I’m going to drool just by telling the name of the dish… ———————— —————————— Please subscribe to my channel if you like my videos: (Don’t forget to subscribe if you like my video~) #二米饭烟# Gongcai #贡菜#cooking #hotpot #美食#菜谱#做饭#乡生活#ermichuiyan #haimétkhói #Chinesefood #masak #howto #foodrecipe.

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  1. 黄花菜(萱草,忘忧草)吃的时候要焯水,不然会有毒素残留。希望还是严谨些,以免给有些人造成误导。虽然四五个鲜黄花菜的毒素不高,但是万一出了问题就不是小问题

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