[Two-meter cooking smoke]Taro Dumpling uses big and sticky taro to make a magical delicacy

※ Please click “cc” to choose your subtitle language, which is on the “Settings” at the bottom right corner of the video. I planted two kinds of taro this year, and I hoarded some at home before the winter. I didn’ t want to throw the taro sticks, so I made taro sticks into sour kimchi. As for how to eat taro, there are too many ways: Roast Chicken with Taro, Taro Balls, Taro with Meat, Taro Rice… Want a different way of eating, have you tried taro dumplings? This year I planted 2 kinds of taro, hairy taro and fragrant taro, before the winter, I collected some taro sticks at home and didn’t want to throw them away. There are too many taro chicken, taro balls, taro meat, taro rice… Want a different way of eating, have you tried taro dumplings? —————————————————— Please subscribe to my channel if you like my videos: (Don’t forget to subscribe if you like my video Oh~) Please click the link if you’d like to contribute subtitles to my video: —————————————————— #二米饭烟#芋头#Taro #Talas #Khoai_môn #เผือก #cooking #美食#菜谱#做饭#乡生活#ermichuiyan #haimétkhói #Chinesefood #masak

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  1. 看了那麼多的美食節目就屬妳對食物的做法不急不徐優雅的動作讓人感覺很舒服。

  2. nive video In my country, Peru, I have also grown all the plants that I see in this video of our friend from China.

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