Trying out the new food cooking trend in Korea where dumplings are broken up and cooked into fried rice!

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What do you think?


  1. Chopping up dumplings for fried rice has been around for at least 30 years bro. But glad youre excited someone ‘discovered it’.

  2. “Then we really can’t be friends” me: what If they are allergic to spam?

  3. Mikey i see theres someone holding your camera sometimes and some shadow of a girl 😉 who is dis gurll tell usss

  4. Did he pour salt to spam? Wow!
    Because spam is salty for korean people. So I am surprised.

  5. Made this for dinner tonight! I had some pork dumplings and I threw some kimchi in with it, plus the egg, some soy sauce and hot oil. SO good. Thinking about adding Chinese sausage next time around

  6. Spam is one of my secret guilty pleasures , but not wither rice , a fried spam sandwich 🥪

  7. Wooow nice innovation and I agree with Jasmin Rice it will be more fried and fluffy……..lovin ur Videos been old Subscriber of Strictly Dumpling found this channel now and just love ur Funny talks Mikey😊…… from Chennai India❤

  8. Has no scissors, so breaks up dumplings with chopticks. Then cuts scallions with knife… Could've used the knife to cut up the dumplings XD

  9. The quantity of rice is so less compared to all the dumpling, egg and spam my mom would add like x3 times the rice😂😂😂

  10. Attempted this.
    Stopped partway through because I had 1) cooked dumplings 2) cooked rice 3) cooked eggs 4) zero fucks. Just ate it.
    I have the same problem with cookie dough made with non-salmonella eggs.

  11. Where is the garlic and ginger and didn’t use the sesame oil? Gordon would be horrified!!

  12. I like how you have FLOWERS in those SOJU bottles. I might do this, it looks pretty 😍

  13. I feel like Mikey should have a cooking show on Food Network. I would watch the hell outta that.

  14. My O bachan would do leftover KFC fried chicken and put it in fried rice with spam and eggs. You should try that Mikey.

  15. dude how many youtube channels do you have? every time i log on i'm getting a suggestion for another of your channels.

  16. Never mind it is sugar didn’t get that far enough in the video when I commented that!!

  17. I thought I bibigo was an American brand because I just bought a huge bag of their mandu from Costco. They’re delicious. And now I kinda wanna make them into kimchi pancakes.