Trying Strictly Dumplings’ hotpot kit

I’m a huge fan of Mike Chen so I knew I had to grab one of these hotpot kits before they sold out!

#shorts #hotpot #strictlydumpling #foodie

What do you think?


  1. I tried something like hotpot but different it’s like hot pot but u put raw meat and cook it and it has this thing that sucks all the steam out

  2. This reminded me of chilpozo (mexican dish, looks similar especially with the corn lol)

  3. Dame I really love his videos too been watching him for years I never had hotpot but now I really do I’ve seen it in anime and stuff but it looks so much better in videos I can’t wait to get my hands on one. one day

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  5. I like watching strictly dumpling too my favorite vid from him is the 7 eleven in taiwan, im difinitely gonna try that hotpot

  6. Ok so I found a way to get rid of the spice INSTANTLY !!!! All you gotta do is have milk and Coca Cola in a cup and then microwave for about 10-15 seconds a min and all the spice is gon

  7. Can you try this place called cosmic wings? They have Cheetos flamin hot wings and Cheetos flamin hot cheese bites

  8. I never I my live did eat a hot pot. If this covid stuff is over I will go to a restaurant and eat a hot pot for sure!