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I’ve been doing a lot of Asian market reviews and haven’t checked out Costco’s item’s yet so I wanted to see Costco’s frozen and instant foods.

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  1. Costco diamonds are nice and pretty comparable to those of higher end jewelers. That being said, I told my now husband he better have bought my engagement ring on sale with a coupon😅😂.

  2. Fun fact: each Costco has slightly varied inventory, especially food items, based on the area’s demographics! Good haul, Mikey!

  3. Love your videos and just went to Costco to get some instant noodles..Although I'm genuinely confused why you're wearing 2 masks AND a faceshield. Seems kind of silly to me haha

  4. To answer the ring question: I'd be angry if my ring cost my fiancée more than $50 tbh. Any more than that and ill feel like I don't deserve it. Plus, I'm known for losing rings somehow

  5. I m not sure if you ever got this comment before but I just have to ask. Did anyone ever tell you you look like a younger Jackie Chan?

  6. I’ve had that too not as good as the Taiwanese noodles though still pretty good I think the noodles are a little mushy

  7. Mikey you’ve had them before and you said they were awesome I got them from BJ’s and I couldn’t wait to eat one they’re so delicious

  8. You can cook the remaining dry chicken breast in Kirkland tomato sauce with mushrooms, Kirkland cheap Cabernet. And serve over rice.

  9. I'm surprised you didn't get the Tonkatsu ramen bowls. Its It's really good and creamy…and really inexpensive!

  10. Mike, which Costco location did you go to? The ones with a large Asian Community has more Asian food & fruits! Like I go to the ones in Rego Park, Queens, NYC & Westbury, Long Island, NY. This year they didn't have pomelos but they had Sweeties which is a cousin of it.

  11. You must have been hiding under a rock to NOT hear about Costco hot dog special. Everyone gets a hot dog special to replenish their calories after shopping at Costco.

  12. Costco rings are amazing and high quality! I would love a ring from Costco! And there are only a few made in the same design!

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