Traditional 40+ YEAR Old Charcoal BEEF Hot Pot | VIETNAMESE FOOD

Bánh Mì Bò Sốt Tiêu Đen – Eggs, meat, pate, and more all thrown into a hot skillet and covered in a brown pepper gravy. A steak and eggs in the morning Vietnamese style. This place hasn’t been here too long but they already have a nice following.
598 Nguyễn Trãi, P.8, Q.5(6:00 -11:00)

Xôi Nếp Than Cô Thúy – A local lady who has been selling this sweet for over 40 years. Truly an expert at her craft this sweet treat isn’t overly sweet but balances many things together at once. I love the warm sticky rice and double coconut all wrapped together.
209/24 Lê Văn Sỹ, Phường 13, Quận 3, TP. Hồ Chí Minh(13:00h – 18:00h)

Lẩu Bò Hẻm 616 – Another classic spot for today’s video. Auntie has been selling this beef hot pot for over 40 years. Auntie still tasting the broth and won’t start selling until she thinks it is absolutely just right. A broth that is truly the heart and soul of this place. I could put anything into this broth and it would be delicious. Still at a cheap price and the dipping sauce is absolutely fabulous.
611 Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Phường 15, Quận 10, TP. Hồ Chí Minh(17:30h – sold out)

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  1. After watching everyone and their dog eat bo ne like stuff you ate at the beginning, I tried to make it in the US. Yeah, not the same. And of course we have terrible baguettes here. Baguette has to be crunchy and light! 🙂

  2. Man, you've been doing some great eats lately, Max! I'm with you on the scallion oil in dessert. I always thought it odd especially if they go too heavy handed with it and add too much salt. I don't mind a bit of salt, but I want my sweets to be sweet! And you're not just an American, you're an American from the South, which means you like it super sweet and super oily/fried! LOL

  3. Thank you for making these videos. I really enjoy watching them and I hope you will surpass a million subscribers.

  4. ai đó đã ăn ở đây rồi , xin cho những nhận xét thực tế ạ ? đại loại là có giống với video thực tế , giá cả ra sao ko ạ ?

  5. I'm not one to shake fingers at anyone.. but man.. with Covid screaming around the globe – this lady tastes the soup from the big serving spoon!?!?!?!? No wonder food is so cheap in Vietnam… they don't have any safety inspections, don't need to pay "the man" a license and you can just about setup anywhere you want. It is good.. but also quite bad!