TIGER SAUCE WEEK DAY 5| pork potstickers| gyoza| chinese dumplings| mukbang





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  1. Shit ya tiger sauce! I make beef jerkey with tiger sauce & A1 sauce with Jack Daniels & coke OMG.

  2. My advice is for her to read the book "The Power Of A Praying Wife" By Stormie Omartian and seek counsel from her Pastor if she attends church or from a Christian marriage counselor. I can't advice anyone to leave or stay with their husband…I'm not equipped or called for that. ? I pray things work out for them. God can deal with the husband and touch his heart quickly with prayers of faith over him. I've seen it happen time after time. Be encouraged!

  3. Until she reaches the point where there is nothing he can say or do to make her stay, she isnt done yet!

  4. Ordered that Tiger sauce for on Amazon. Trying it with some wings tonight for Superbowl 2020.

  5. Aint no need for you to be boo boo the fool please exit stage left. He is not only using you but also your dad. No question you and your kids should be throwing up the decuces.

  6. Yea cuz in that point i would have left .you have to remember that you are the one thats carrying his baby ….the least he can do is work and pay bills . Hes just adding more and more stress on you.

  7. This strawberry letter is so disturbing. Everyone has their own journey and I pray this woman wakes up her kids are suffering as much as she.

  8. You should have never made that video on that dude Llips because all you did was got him to 20 thousand subscribers. You caused a chain reaction of YouTubers making videos on him and now he is praspering and has learned absolutely nothing. Sometimes it's better to just ignore dramma instead of feeding into it.

  9. I say leave leave go to her parents house without him And start her life all over! Without jumping into something else or not going back to him. SHE NEED TO GET HER SELF TOGETHER!!

  10. I got so surprised! I was in The store and I saw tiger sauce, usually all these sauces we dont have in sweden where i live lol, usually we Will have to buy it online, hell we dont even have ranch! Im 23 and have never tasted ranch ???gonna order it asap. Also, your skin looks beautiful!

  11. Well she eating everything so who is she to talk about him she spend all her money on food then be on here crying bout food stamps and stuff

  12. I would leave and go stay with my folks it’s not going to get better you don’t like to stay in a place free he is enjoying the ride. Girl get your kids and go.

  13. Struggle with a looser for 12 years??? It kinda of sounds like she likes to struggle cause putting up with his crap for 12 years is too much!! Move on