This is how you succeed with your dumplings | News morning | TV4 & TV4 Play

Food creator Karin Lei’s interest in cooking and Taiwanese and Chinese food began as a child at her parents’ restaurants. Now she is up to date with her own cookbook, which contains both fantastic recipes, information about the traditions surrounding the food and a little common sense and etiquette. Here she teaches Martin and Soraya to make dumplings. The clip comes from Nyhetsmorgon on TV4 from 2022-09-13: Nyhetsmorgon is TV4’s morning program that has been in the box since 1992. News is interspersed with in-depth discussions, coverage of the latest trends, personal interviews, culture and sports. Program hosts include Jenny Strömstedt, Steffo Törnquist, Martin Järborg, Soraya Lavasani, Jenny Alversjö, Maria Forsblom and Anders Pihlblad. Watch full episodes and all clips from Nyhetsmorgon on TV4 Play: Subscribe on Nyhetsmorgon’s YouTube channel: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: /nyhetsmorgon #NYMO #Nyhetsmorgon Nyhetsmorgon is a Swedish daily morning news and talk show on TV4.

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