This “hinge” is not a “dumpling”! Sichuan girls perform intangible cultural heritage dance over the mountain hinges lively bombing field | CCTV “Vietnam and more courage” 20210519

Highlights of this issue: 02:19 This “hinge” is not the “dumpling” Sichuan intangible cultural heritage dance Fanshan Houzi debuts lively; 03:53 Because of his insufficient height, he was rejected by an ideal college for his strength; 06:25 Disadvantages unexpectedly change advantages to gain valuable performance opportunities; 10:15 Is not tall enough to be a “C position”? The judges humorously commented to encourage the contestants; 12:45 Worried about the future life of autistic daughters mother taught her children to wash and cook since childhood; 14:52 “You from the stars” mother talked about the bitterness of caring for autistic daughters; 31:13 only Because my father strongly recommends Gabonese players to come to China to develop bravely; 33:22 Gabonese players named the judges in the local language and laughed the audience; 42:03 An accident caused the right leg of a genetic mutation guy to be amputated; 47:03 Spiritual idols encouraged lower amputation The teenager regained his strength to challenge the limit; 50:08 The amputee teenager met with love and encouraged each other to make progress together; 55:34 The program group prepared surprise videos for the contestants to cheer on their dreams; 01:02:09 Naxi girls brought home specialty milk dregs to the judges 01:03:03 The characteristic beauty of Songzanlin Temple and Baishuitai Shangri-La amazed the judges; 01:04:17 To support his daughter in learning music, his father moved 57 tons of cement a day; 01:06:30 Pu Shi’s father left his hometown for the first time Cheer for her daughter. “Vietnam and Vigorous Fighting” is a singing dream program, open to ordinary people who have dreams of singing, paying attention to their mental journey of “building dreams, chasing dreams, and realizing dreams”. The main feature is “real people, true stories”, and all creations are based on truth. core. The official playlist of “Vietnam”: Highlights of “Vietnam”:[Subscribe to the official channel of CCTV Variety Show]: https://bit. ly/2RDSz2b ■□More official list of CCTV variety shows ■□ Official playlist of “Golden 100 Seconds”: Official playlist of “Open the Door”: “Very 6+1” official playlist: “Singing Everyday” official playlist: “National Treasure” official playlist: https://bit .ly/2HRstoc ■□More exciting official videos, please follow us ■□ CCTV Spring Festival Gala: CCTV China Central Television: CCTV Opera: https:// CCTV Kids: CCTV TV series: ■□Follow the CCTV series official account Like us on Facebook■□ Facebook (Chinese): https:/ / Facebook (English):

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