This Chinese Restaurant Went Fully Vegan In Charlotte, NC (Mama Wok)

Is It HYPE?! — Mama Wok (Charlotte, NC) S4 E7

What I Got: Salt & Pepper King Oyster Mushrooms, Shrimp Lo Mein, Beef and Broccoli, Spring Roll, Sesame Ball, Pork Bao Buns

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  1. I want to say I enjoy your videos and I appreciate your hard work. Next time you go to a restaurant can you please please please show a clear picture of the full menu, so people like me can pause the video and look at the options in which they have. That would be greatly appreciated. I wish you'd showed us a full menu of this particular restaurant. My father lives in Charlotte, and I would definitely go to this spot. Thank you 🥰

  2. Mama Wok is my favorite spot to stop by in Charlotte and the owner is an absolute angel. I went while their indoor dining was closed, but when she found out that we came from out of town, she brought a table and chairs outside for us and everything.

  3. The amount of vegan restaurants in America is amazing. Australia is getting there. I'm not vegan but love to try any food 🤷

  4. Try and make all your videos with roberto coz your videos turn out to be much better with him. And when eating, keep your hand over your plate or keep a hand below your mouth if free to avoid spillage and soiling your pants. "Basic"

  5. It would be super intersting and helpful if you could mention what the vegan meats are made out of. (I am gluten free and so can not eat seitan.)

  6. Please if you ever come to Halifax, NS Canada let me know I will show you all the vegan foods ❣️ we are small but we have good food

  7. I live right outside Charlotte and I’m always hearing about this place. I guess I need to make the 55 minute drive and go try it?

  8. If you guys e wr come to Miami I would love to hang with you guys. Also if you are back in north Carolina, try a place called sanctuary bistro. Very delicious vegan good, you gotta try the mushroom chowder and some others too.

  9. This is my favorite vegan restaurant in Charlotte. The orange chicken, chicken drum sticks, and donuts (from mama wok, not sugar) are also amazing!! My non vegan neighbors loved the chicken drumsticks

  10. this place is the real deal.. been going there for a few years we live 15 minutes away…. thanks for coming to Charlotte.. Bodegacat

  11. If you go through DC / Northern VA you should try Sunflower Cafe. There are two locations, the one in Vienna is probably more photogenic (it's also the original.) The general tso surprise is their specialty.

  12. broccoli is such a good sauce veggie! and wow, this place is nowhere near me, but I so want to go – that food looks amazing, and such warm hospitality!

  13. 😩 damn this made me hungry. But wow this place looks amazing and sweet owners! Great vibes. 😭 the family sesame ball got me.

  14. Thass good Chiney food but what about showing the food so as we can chow down ourselfs? Or are you adverse to Sharon?