These are essential when having hot pot. Making these beef balls is also a great workout!

Juicy Beef Balls

Hi, I’m Rose from Uganda! In this channel, I share food and Chinese country life!

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  1. Hello Madam Rose 🌹
    Your video contents are Beautiful one thing the Translation is too fast to catch up & read could you please ask your editor to put the Translation after a second of your conversation so that it slowly moves with Your story !!!!!

  2. I would really like to watch a video about how the two of you met and got together. How did a girl from Uganda meet a Chinese man and move to rural China. What was it like learning Chinese?

  3. Какие вы молодцы, все вместе, это очень круто… дай бог вам много счастья, любви и тепла

  4. Such a beautiful family and bond. I don’t know how I found your videos but I’ve been watching them for one straight hour. I love everything you two are about!❤❤

  5. Dear Rose, do not ALLOW your life to be only about food, food and food. Life is much more than cooking and cooking and eating all the time. I wish you the best.

  6. Sending love all the way from Sarawak, Malaysia. I got addicted watching this beautiful couple and now I'm the new subscriber. Keep it up Rose and husband.

  7. Que hermosa pareja 💑 se los ve muy felices..tienen mucho amor 💕 . Se ve que se que se aman mucho. muchas bendiciones 🙏. Saludos desde Ecuador 🇪🇨