The wild mushrooms are hard to find in the wild. I heard that it costs more than 100 yuan per catty. Grandma picked up a large basket of Grandma picks up expensive wild mushrooms to make traditional food on Grandma Mountain. Yulin Grandma

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  1. Dona, eu já falei para a senhora que não pode dar ossos para os cachorros. A senhora não é capaz de aprender?

  2. I'm so happy to see that you got a new fan for your porch, Grandma!! It's so quiet now and seems to be even more powerful! I'm so glad you'll be more comfortable in the heat. Lots of love from St. Louis, Missouri, USA! ♥

  3. 此菇最好吃是含苞待放时。轻炒葱姜蒜,酱油,加蚝油,疯狂再大炒。人间美味也。唯,,,

  4. Wah itu jamur paling enak.lebih enak dari daging ayam.aku cuka makan jamur yg bukan buatan.tapi jamur asli tumbuh di kebun.salam dari Bali Indonesia ??