The radish brought by the daughter-in-law from her family’s home is made into pork radish dumplings. The mother and daughter squatted and had a great time.

#乡的味官方 Channel#Thetasteofthecountry#餃子#猪餃子#肉#The radish and pork dumplings daughter-in-law brought back the big radish from her family. Grandma every day made some dumpling skins and added some meat to make big meat radish dumplings, thin-skinned dishes Many, nutritious and delicious, it tastes delicious with the taste of the country. I am grandma every day. We live in rural Shaanxi, focusing on the realistic rural life, authentic rural food, and sharing our daily life. I will always publish videos of the original ecological food in rural areas, and the living conditions in my hometown. If you love food, cook food and enjoy the happiness that food brings us, please subscribe to my channel. Everyone is welcome to like, share and comment. Thank you for your support! .

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