Eating at the world’s first Filipino Michelin star restaurant in Chicago and it was one of the best 13-course meals I’ve had there.

1001 N Winchester Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Cho Sun Ok Restaurant
4200 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

218 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60606

Brazil Express Grill
1045 S Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60193

7930 Olive Blvd, University City, MO 63130

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What do you think?


  1. None of that is Filipino food. But one day a good restaurateur and chef will present real Filipino food in a way that will earn a Michelin star.

  2. Sorry but this is not a homage to a true Filipino cuisine, heck, you can't even find those ingridients here. This restaurant is too eager on pleasing Western palate by serving them their own food. No wonder a Western award giving body like Michelin would recognize its own.

  3. While the dishes looks so good. These aren't authentic Filipino, I guess. We don't use any of the following: Caviar, Wagyu, Truffle. On our native dishes. And the nilaga </3

  4. This is Americanized, Westernized Filipino dishes. The name is Filipino-is but the food is not recognizable by regular Filipinos. By the way, is that a sampler menu? The serving size is not enough for a snack.

  5. for me that is not 100% filipino food… im pinoy it my taste like pinoy food maybe? but not the looks

  6. I've seen a lot of Filipino Fusion and Modern Filipino restaurants but this, i dont know if you can really consider it Filipino. The so-called Filipino dishes strayed too far from the reference dish and the menu is more of a combination of cuisines from different Asian countries.

  7. Food reminds me of the modern filipino restaurants in Manila – e.g. Manam, Abe etc. This looks amazing.

  8. Looks like updated or glamorized Filipino ingredients…definitely not traditional. Curiouser and curiouser…whatever..
    Congratulations! What's the resto name?

  9. Of course this doesn’t resemble your family’s cooking or the local Turo-Turo. I admit it’s very different and when I went to a Filipino fine dining restaurant in Sydney many years ago I was like… oh that’s not how you do adobo BUT Filipino flavours and concepts have been used as the inspiration and if you think about the blend of Spanish, Chinese, Mexican and Indonesian flavours in our cuisine Filipino food was actually one of, if not the first fusion food in the world.

    I’ve been to many 1, 2 & 3 Michelin stars across Europe and Asia and you’re not going to win the star in fine dining without innovation. (Notice how I mentioned fine dining, I’ve also eaten $2 Michelin star noodles in Singapore) so let go of the expectations that it will be anything like the fatty but delicious traditional comfort Philippine cuisine. It’s time that Filipino food was open to more innovation so it might be recognised by non Filipinos and then they might be more curious to try our regular traditional food. It’s also a great way to refine and expand the Filipino palette. my mum still wouldn’t believe til last year that cooking a $300AUD A5 Wagyu steak didn’t need to be crucified to well done and she actually thoroughly enjoyed it medium rare, so didn’t my younger brothers. I used to be the same way too til I took more chances with food.

    Such a shame it’s so bloody far from Australia though I did used to live in Chicago and already used GPS to see how long a drive from various aunties houses. 😂

    Just a tip for anyone who doesn’t live in Chicago or isn’t used to freezing winter cold. DON’T GO IN WINTER. There’s no words to describe how freaking freezing it is there. Also the wind factor makes it much much colder than the forecasted temperature. In 98 I experienced -72 Fahrenheit with wind chill factor. My Aussie husband lasted in 2011 lasted 2 nights before he flew back home to australia. 🥶 🥶 🥶

    Congrats to this restaurant for elevating Filipino cuisine and getting the coveted Michelin star. I hope to try it soon if I can convince hubby to go back to Chicago with me.

  10. Adding twist for a star? Who cares about them. We have our own way of cooking that did satisfy our taste buds for a hundred of years. Our food did evolve the way we want. Not on the way this mechellin bulshit. If we let this things happen. We will surely lose our authenticity about our food and we will only be accepted on their terms.

  11. What!? Mikey is moving out of St Louis, when did he move there? Last I knew he was living in Texas. I'm lost

  12. Thanks for the demo Mike. I'm sure it tasted good but can we have the real Filipino food now? 😄

  13. I dont understand why users like jason got hate for saying the truth..i am a proud filipino who live in the US..lets be real..most if not all filipino dishes originated from spanish or chinese origins..i used to work for a fine dining place while i was in college..our "filipino" dishes mostly revolve around stew, soups and fried dishes..we cannot compete with cook from scratch michelin or fine dining restaurants..thats why our grandmothers cook everything in one huge pot..also most ingredients we use in "filipino" cooking are subpar best used in stews, soups or quick fry..our grandmothers dont use A5 wagyu to grill beef..the best we can do is use our so called "filipino" concept of cooking and marry it in michelin standards..if not, the only thing a filipino restaurant can serve are food cooked in bamboo or grilled food which would probably take a long time per order.

  14. This is Filipino food?? Nothing like what one see in the Philippines. More like some fancy fusion food.

  15. A Filipino restaurant, probably owned by a Filipino, with Filipino workers, most likely. The only thing missing is Filipino food!

  16. 9:38 Halo-halo without "ube" to me, is just weird 🙂 but I can't wait to visit that place on my next "cross-country" tour!!

  17. Dang Bro I've watched a bunch of your vlog but this one is definitely not Filipino food its more like the restaurant is using the Filipino name to sell their products to the masses by saying its a Filipino Restaurant that serve Filipino food. It's completely and totally different and unrecognizable as the Filipino dishes that kinilaw nope not even close and i grew up in Cebu.

  18. More hate in comments than I’ve ever seen on a Mikey video. I don’t have a horse in the race cause it’s not my culture/heritage but I always think it’s awesome to see Michelin Star dining! I’m glad it was delicious and not just all for show- everything looked amazing!

  19. these are not Filipino foods!!! shame. filipinos foods are not serve, prepared and cooked this way. ingredients are al tweaked!