The Oldest Chinese Restaurant in Singapore: Spring Court

Spring Court has been around since 1929 and has just recently celebrated its 90th birthday, making it the oldest family run Chinese restaurant in Singapore.

Produced by: Nathaniel Lim
Edited by: Nathaniel Lim
Shot by: Nathaniel Lim and Thaddeus Loh

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  1. My parents used to said in the past, nobody knows how much these food seller regardless of hawker or restaurant made. Even their teacher said so, being a food seller is earning more than teacher, they can buy those landed properties at prime location.

    In the past, the stalls are cheaper to acquire and there is many people, crowds who will visit the stalls at night even. Without all these modern extreme marketing but those old marketing methods, are they consider marketing?

    I think it is a pity that the great world amusement park closed down. If it is reopen today, I feel like it will be a hit again.

  2. Woman says “Hello, my name is Soon Puay Keow”

    YouTube subtitles “Hello, my name is some prick”.


  3. Wonderful to see someone who is passionate about keeping traditions alive. I hope this restaurant continues to make it to 100 years and beyond.

  4. want to try this restaurant but they sell shark fin, a big no no, I don't want to support resto who sell shark fin

  5. Hello 八嫂 and Zhi Hao!

    Notable diners: 董俊竞, 李光前, 邵仁枚, 黃篤修
    Some of us know the history too 🙂
    The real history of Spring Court.

    Love, Tiong Bahru UOB bank, back in 1980s:)

  6. Maybe u have to move the restaurant to sand bay resort on a jv basic or a sub branch ,they have high roller there,throwing million of dollars in the casino,winner wont feel a pinch spending thousand of dollars,on authetic s,pore crusine,old way is one thing,change some of the setting to cater to the younger group,fmly member much really support u in running the establisment dont be afraid to changes ,the business need a new breed of fresh air n it will turn the restorant around,yr father in law will be smiling at u for the 3rd generation to take over.

  7. I think what kept the lady to continue the business is because it is very old since 1929. so wasted if just stop and end the business.. the legacy also will die.

  8. Wow wow wow! I immediately shared this video to my friends! Very mouth-watering dishes! A must go restaurant on my next visit to Spore!

  9. Wow. I’ve been to Singapore many time, I was not aware of Spring Court. I will make we dine there on our next visit 😊🥢

  10. Still visit this old restaurant till today for meals. I had my wedding there when it's was in East coast road! Hahaha. Keep going! Thanks for making this video!! Hahaha

  11. I would have to go try the Bird nest chicken. Remind me of my childhood with my parents traveling places. WOW! I knew I would find something like that! Finally. Thanks for sharing. I am in My sixty. Love to go back to feels the old days, specially the old time foods and restaurants.

  12. Hi. I would love to take over this restaurant. Since there’s no one taking over it, I would love to.

  13. From the UK…Oh my goodness I remember Spring Court Restaurant Singapore..I was born in Singapore and to be taken to Spring Court Restaurant for dinner was a big thing especially in my teens many many years ago..

  14. I hope you can pass it to your next generation. This piece of history deserve to be preserve. Wish you and your restaurant well and hope you continue to serve the people!

  15. This is truly incredible story. This restaurant lasted for 90 years and many more to come. Good comfort food… very impressive!! No body makes food better than the oldtimers!!! Generations of tasty food!

  16. OMG, $8 is very cheap for a such elegant traditional cuisine over 90 Y.O recipe (almost like fast food price). Honestly I'm very amazed how tough and brave she was as a business woman. I hoped these restaurant could get michellin stars for genuine classic dishes.

  17. Please delete the only question by the producer… she already said the restaurant was founded in 1929, so if one do the maths should easily determine how old is the restaurant

  18. Well done Madam! Safeguard Chinese cultural and classics. The chicken stuff with minced prawn. Must eat! Birds Nests Chicken and Popiah too!

  19. Saya pernah dijamu sama teman alm suami saya, sangat etnik dan lezat …
    Ibu sukses selalu untukmu dan keluarga, sehat dan panjang umur dan selalu cantique ya bu Tuhan memberkati

  20. I m stepping into my 80's and can still remember the outlet at Great World. Good dining experience for weddings and birthdays. Yes, indeed it was the in-place for occasions.

  21. Amazing I hope to eat here one day. manifestation do your thing girl. Also love the classy woman she seems full of wisdom

  22. I will never forget the taste of most dishes there and yes, the chicken was so tasty! My ah gong bought it for us everytime he visits spring court! Now he is gone..i missed him so much and am so thankful that i have him to guide me all these while