The new way to eat dumplings, do not mix the noodles, do not roll the skins, and do not need to wrap them. Learn the characteristic methods, and not eat enough every time.

Hello, everyone, I’m Lijuan, I will share with you a new way to eat dumplings. Ingredients: flour, leeks, yeast powder, carrots, sausages, minced ginger, onions, eggs, tomatoes, spring onions. Seasoning: salt, baking soda, white vinegar, edible oil, thirteen incense, pepper powder, oyster sauce, black/white pepper, white Sesame, pepper oil, light soy dumplings new way to eat, do not mix the noodles, do not roll the skin, do not need to pack, learn the characteristic method, every time you can’t eat enough[丽娟美食记]#丽娟美食记#餃子#Noodles Hello everyone I’m Lijuan, I love cooking and enjoy it ❤. I will share a home-cooked dish for everyone here every day, and I will always find your favorite one~ 🍜Super delicious pasta: 🥟 Delicious cake: https:/ / 🥩Favorite meat: 🐷 Delicious pork tutorial: Nothing can stop the food The pursuit of a beautiful day starts with cooking, sharing the joy of life, and a happy attitude to life~ The chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea of ​​a plain life, and discover your favorite way of life! If you like, remember to click to subscribe, and don’t miss every selected ingredient! 😁

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