The male version of “Li Ziqi” builds a grassland “empire” with both hands[Daily Character]

[Daily Characters]Story of the day Their lives are real and powerful, and the screen of a few inches becomes a window of charm; they no longer leave their homes and choose to stay behind. The second series of videos will take you into the story of the newly left-behind youth, return to the dream hometown, and see the changing Chinese countryside! Playing with wolves, riding horses and driving sheep, the 35-year-old Taiping became the only “net celebrity” in the town. From herding sheep to selling beef jerky, with an annual income of 20,000 to millions, he led the prairie villagers out of the mountains. The extraordinary stories of ordinary people everyday stories from China Subscribe to us: Subscribe to us: 🎆Instagram: 💐Facebook: https://www. ✨Tiktok: 【Two more】New left-behind youth series video ➡️【It can be called the Chinese version of “Parasite”, but he has lived out himself after the 80s Looks like] ➡️[Does it not taste good to eat alone? How do more than 2 million people see you eating? ]Https://[Second more]Popular video ➡️[Whycanthismansitonthousandsoflipsticks!】Https://youtube/j2KffLD3afQ➡️【FamilytogetheristhebiggestreunionfortheNewYear】https://youtube/K4xUp71ZARg➡️【PeachBlossomSpringEp1ReturntoBishan】https://youtube/Pu4Am7nPZ8w#乡#李子柒#beefjerky#Mongolia#lifestyle

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  1. 真是太好了!我看著看這就哭出來了!偉大情懷和胸襟!出了自己富有外,也一起創造自己家鄉同胞富裕!

  2. Ymr goyo video ve. Bi uuru Mongol, Mongoliiho nuudelchin malchin amidraliig ingej goyo surtalchilj bgadn baharhaj bna!

  3. I watched the entire video not knowing what the translation was, someone please translate to English for me……so nice video…please? What was he saying that almost made him cry? I get that he had the meat (jerky) business…the culture is beautiful…but what was he saying??? and was that his little nice?