The Magic of "Fire" Noodles l Best Unknown Street Food of China

Noodles could be lighted up with fire?! It’s a classic street food from the city of Yibin in Sichuan Province, China. Master chef Chen Yichun shows you how to make this delicious noodles with step by step instruction.

Sichuan fire noodle (Yibin Ran Mian) or called burning noodle is another well-known Sichuan noodle dish just like Dan Dan noodle. This is one of those dishes that make you smile at first bite. Chef Chen also shares how to make the noodles from scratch.

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  1. look like Shan Noodles (Shan Khao Swé) from myanmar.shan state is borders with china ,thailand and lao, there is nothing wonder about similar.

  2. Me: normally chinese do not eat that sort of stuff

    Sees its from Sichuan
    nvm go as spicy as you want madlads

  3. Like all chinese do, a performance opposite to reality.
    Chinese gastronomy is poor and terribly unhealthy lol