The Five Major Cuisines of China

Chinese cuisines can be traced back to influences from five different regions. These make up the five major regional cuisines of China.

My favorite rice cooker:

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  1. I went to a chinese resturant last night and found a bar of soap in my Kung Pao Chicken. My friend told me that is because the Chinese do their laundry and cooking in the same pot!

  2. I agree chinese food rules but the idea of it being special because it varies from provence to provence doesn't really hold up. The same could be said for Italy, Mexico, India and probably most cuisines worldwide.

  3. You had me at the history part. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a fan of history. But I appreciate it that 😌

  4. I love Mikey. He’s such a firecracker and has great charisma. Travel Channel or Food Network should give him a show!

  5. 6:48 Did you just say the Jin Dynasty? The only thing I know of that dynasty was that they held a Mongol by the name of Temujin captive as a slave. Decades later, Temujin, the man known to history as Genghis Khan, led a campaign to exact vengeance on the Jin, and the Jin Dynasty became the first conquest of the Mongol Empire.

  6. I also quite disliked the Cantonese cuisine when I loved in Hong Kong! I thougth I'd gone crazy because I couldn't convince anyone how bland it was. Bring on the Sichuan.!

  7. change the angle of the camera to up looking from slight down angle and the background as well. Makes you look smaller than you are.

  8. I love videos like this man – so interesting how each region has their completely different dishes and ingredients. well done 🙂

  9. You should update this video with more information and the other cuisines you missed. There are 8 recognized cuisines and a few other minor ones that influenced stuff.

  10. Agree with @astroboy2345. There are actually 8 main Chinese style and not 5 and they are – 鲁菜、川菜、粤菜、苏菜、闽菜、浙菜、湘菜、徽菜. He had missed out Min(闽)、zhe(浙)、and Wei(徽).
    Sorry to say, this Chinese guy with a heavy American accent need to learn a little more about Chinese food.