[The farmer’s Xiaoyong]The Xiaoyong family make pork and green onion dumplings with thin skins and big fillings. They make them delicious!

#农家的小勇#牛肉#Dumpling Xiaoyong makes pork and green onion dumplings, with thin skin and big fillings, and a bite full of oil. Daughter: Really enjoyable! Xiaoyong wraps pork dumplings with scallion stuffing, one bite with a thin skin, and one bite is too enjoyable. Husband: The beauty is a great experience for everyone, from the wasteland to the vegetable garden to the harvest (original) Hello, everyone! Xiaoyong will share with you every bit of the rural life every day, and take you to experience the most authentic rural life, see the most beautiful rural scenery, experience the harvest, and experience the happiness! If you like our video, please subscribe quickly. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area for interaction.

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  1. 小勇 我住在澳洲的阿姨 我來自台灣天天都看你的視頻 好羨慕你 好幸福 祝福你了

  2. Beautiful family ❤️ the dumplings are amazing 😍 Is this the husband's daughter? She is not in alot of videos. She is lovely 💜

  3. Me encanta pero me gustaria ver subtitulos en español! Me encanta vuestra familia y se te ve tan simpatica!! De que pais sois? Saludos desde españa

  4. Ничего себе, вот это порция))) Тоже бы не прочь съесть столько🤗

  5. Ребята, пожалуйста, подскажите, что за муку она использует?

  6. Thank you so much for your posts…
    I watch them all the time.
    Although many are without subtitles there still very enjoyable.
    Amazing how simply and yet so delicious looking the food you cook looks..
    I live in London, England but enjoy Indian and Chinese food but only if i cook myself…
    I have a question…
    What is the red sauce you put into the soy sauce..
    Is it spicy ?
    And could i make it…..
    Thank you….

  7. Всё супер, но не многовато для маленькой девочки такая порция? Порция такая же как у родителей🤔

  8. МОЛОДЕЦ! У вас красивая девочка и очень классный мальчик так легко вас смотреть

  9. Adorable family. Wish all of you the best and happiness, even didn't understand what you talked about kkk.

  10. Мы тоже любим и готовим пельмени ! Но плохо что вы делаете ее со свинины. Мы шошка не кушаем