The dumplings made by my wife this time are very unique, and the dumplings sold in the county are not delicious. The dumplings taste very unique, and my wife has a secret recipe

[Xin Ge Vision]Change your perspective and take you into a different mysterious Dong Township! Original life video shooting and production. .

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  1. You didn't rinse any of the vegetables or meat before using? I would think that would be one of the most important steps you could take in preparing food! IMO

  2. 鑫嫂要多笑,笑起來好看而且會讓家人感受到快樂。

  3. 你們買的那條豬肉要50-60塊錢,香港這邊如這樣大條的要上百元了,非常貴啊!很少買豬肉吃。