The dumpling filling is delicious and there is a knack, teach you the recipe that the restaurant does not disclose, the meat filling is delicious and not fishy[Gourmet Xiaoxi]

#餃子餅#肉#Kitchen Tips No matter what dumpling filling is mixed in, you must master these two points, the dumplings are firm and round, and taste delicious. Dumpling fillings are delicious and have a knack. I will teach you the recipes that are not passed down by the restaurant. The meat fillings are delicious and not fishy.[Gourmet Xiaoxi]Hello everyone, I am Xiaoxi who loves food. Use the simplest ingredients to make delicious food ! The joy that food brings to people. It has nothing to do with time. Spending 4 hours to make a big meal and 4 minutes to wait for a bowl of delicious noodles is also likable. Welcome everyone and leave comments in the comment area to interact. If you like me, please subscribe to me~.

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