The Chinese Restaurant 3.5 Star Rule

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Testing out the theory of viral TikTok video by Freddie Wong (@rocketjump) where the best authentic Chinese Restaurant has 3.5 star review. 3.5 star review has the sweet spot because as quoted: “the waiters are not going to pay attention to you. They’re going to be rude. But it’s going to taste better”. Cultural expectations for service are different in Asia – they’re not proactive, they’re not gonna come up to you, they’re not going to just pro-actively give you refills, you need to flag down the waiters. They’re digging all these restaurants because the service is bad, however, the food balances it out, so you end up at three and a half stars”

For this restaurant in Hurstville, I agree with this theory!
Taste of Shunde 順德味道 Hurstville
9-11 Crofts Ave, Hurstville NSW 2220

This Chinese restaurant is specializes in Shunde Province dishes. Their signature dish is the roast goose which is the best in Sydney, so far. The XO Pipis with rice noodle is also a must order dish. They are famous with Fried Milk too, it is milky creamy steamed egg which in my opinion can be rather too sweet when you eat with other main savoury dishes. If you are lactose intolerant, not recommended to try the fried milk unless you took your medicine beforehand 😀

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