The best way to make dumplings in Maihao, no need to steam or fry, the whole family rush to eat on the table, it’s so delicious[Lijuan Cuisine]

Hello, everyone, I’m Lijuan. Artemisia sylvestris has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, clearing the intestines and detoxification. Today I will use it to share with you a delicious dumpling recipe. The ingredients that need to be prepared: Artemisia sylvestris, flour, salt, minced meat, salt , Oil consumption, soybean paste, pepper, edible oil, leeks. Maihao’s best dumpling recipe, you don’t need to steam or fry, and the whole family rush to eat it on the table. It’s so delicious. I love cooking and enjoy it ❤. I will share a home-cooked dish for everyone here every day, and I will always find your favorite one~ 🍜Super delicious pasta: 🥟 Delicious pie: https:/ / 🥩Favorite meat: 🐷 Delicious pork tutorial: Nothing can stop the food The pursuit of, a beautiful day starts with cooking, sharing the joy of life, and a happy attitude to life~ The chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea of ​​a plain life, and discover your favorite lifestyle! If you like, remember to click to subscribe, and don’t miss every selected ingredient! 😁

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