The BEST Noodles in the WORLD!!! Chinese FIRE NOODLE + Street Food Tour of Chongqing – EXTREME!!!

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Today, we’re taking you for a FULL ON Chinese Street Food TOUR of Chongqing, China!!! 5 Street Foods in China you’re going to love! Especially the BEST NOODLES IN THE WORLD, the Chongqing Xiaomian!!

Get ready to ENJOY an INSANELY DELICIOUS BOWL OF NOODLES on our WORLD NOODLE TOUR and to enjoy an incredible street food tour of Chongqing, China!!!

AND, we’re going for HOT POT EXTREME!!!

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  1. Huge thanks to ExpressVPN for offering everyone 49% off and 3 Months free here !!! I hope you guys enjoy our Chongqing Street Food Tour video!!! This was a lot of fun to shoot for you! Please leave me a comment below! I would love to hear what you thought of the video! We have lots of videos coming up for you!! Next up is UZBEKISTAN!!! Thanks so much for watching!!

  2. If I didn't know Trevor and he walked up to me on the street, I would feel sorry for him for some reason and I just don't know why..

  3. Westerners: Omg Western cuisine is the best! Hotdogs, greasy pizza, cucumber sandwich, burgers, fries, steak, mac and cheese, sandwiches, poutine, salad, fried chicken/everything, Italian cuisine (originally from Xian, Chinese cuisine, read Marco Polo's book and you'll understand where Italian cuisine came from). Chinese people: 😂😂😂😂😂😂