The beautiful boss of Shandong has been selling dumplings for 15 years, 10 yuan a plate, diners are in an endless stream[Melon Farmers Quest]

The 15-year-old dumpling shop in Shandong, a large plate of 10 yuan, with a variety of flavors. The beauty of the boss is high in value, and there is an endless stream of diners here. Hello, everyone, here is the melon farmer Tanwei and I will go to the big collection with me, explore the delicious street food hidden in the street, use food to record life, understand the various aspects of society, what food you want to see, you can leave a message in the comment area and watch more My video, don’t forget to subscribe after watching #瓜农探味#餃子#安徽美食.

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  1. 老闆娘長得好像韓劇天空之城裡的珍熙,水餃真便宜,台灣找不到這價格了吧