the bad chef || S2E10 – Dirty Dumplings

|| s2e10 – i just wanna get to know ya ||

one of the things i love about food is that the way each culture cooks conveys so much about who they are as a people. in a sense, the same expressionism funnels down to the individual: how you cook tells everyone else a bit about who you are – and there’s no food that does this more expressively than the humble dumpling.

that’s not the entire point, though. dumplings have been used as an excuse to get people together and talk shit, with the added bonus of having something bloody good to eat at the end. sure, it’s a bit labour-intensive, but when you’re making dumplings with your friends + family? it’s all love and hardly labour.

so come thru… make dumplings with me 🙂

|| timestamps ||
0:00 intro
0:37 the point of a dumpling
1:25 make dumplings with me
1:55 a “traditional” dumpling
2:28 everything is customisable
3:44 my dumpling 🙂
4:04 prep: filling
4:32 chinese chives
5:12 prep: wrapping
5:40 prep: wrapping (half moon)
5:57 prep: wrapping (ravioli)
6:18 prep: wrapping (“potsticker” style)
7:54 why we wrap this way
8:35 cook
9:49 condiments
10:18 lace skirt 😉
10:43 lace skirt batter ratio
11:29 taste it, b****
11:47 the thesis
12:20 cost
12:39 conclusion
13:58 outro

|| shopping list ||
500g fatty pork (80-20)
500g lean pork (95-5)
1 bunch chinese chives
8-10 shiitake mushrooms
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 egg
salt (+ white pepper if you want)
oyster sauce
sesame oil
4 garlic cloves
1 knob ginger, grated
3x 30pc packs of dumpling skins
+ condiments of choice

|| songs: ||
Intro: I Don’t Know How They Know My Name, by Of Men and Wolves
BGM: Cocoona, by Giants’ Nest
Outro: Dumplings, by PinkOmega
(how could i not… shout out to the god filthy frank and holder for this ripe m e e m of a song)

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  1. That bottle of morning fresh makes an appearance in every video next to your ingredients. Kinda waiting for you to accidentally pour some in ?

  2. those scenes of you making dumplings with both friends and family touched my heart, and rung so true <3