THE ART OF DIM SUM-Jade Cabbage Dumplings with Pork Filling (Jade Cabbage Dumplings with Pork Filling)

Feicui (翡翠) means jade; Baicai (白菜) is Chinese cabbage. These two words together are referring to the Chinese ornament – a cabbage carved out of jade. The dumplings that we are making today have a jade color, a pork cabbage filling, and a cabbage shape; that is how it got the name. This is a recipe that represents wealth. My family always makes it during the spring festival to wish them good fortune for the new year. I am super happy to share it with you.

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Servings: 4
Ingredients for the White Dumpling Dough
– 300 grams of high protein content flour (Such as dumpling flour, bread flour, noodle flour) (Amazon Link –
– 150 grams of room temperature water
– 1/3 tsp 2 grams of salt

Ingredients for the Green Dumpling Dough
– 300 grams of high protein content flour (Such as dumpling flour, bread flour, noodle flour) (Amazon Link –
– 150 grams of spinach
– 1/3 tsp 2 grams of salt

INGREDIENTS FOR THE DUMPLING FILLING (enough to make 50 dumplings)
– 500 grams 1.1 lbs of ground pork
– 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce (Amazon Link –
– 1 tbsp of oyster sauce (Amazon Link –
– 1 tsp of five-spice powder (Amazon Link –
– 1 tbsp of Chinese cooking wine (Amazon Link –
– 1 tbsp of sesame oil (Amazon Link –
– 2 cloves of garlic diced
– 1/2 inch of diced ginger
– 1 tsp of Sichuan peppercorns (Amazon Link –
– 5 tbsp of water
– 1/2 cup of diced scallion
– 350 grams 12.3 oz of sour cabbage .

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  1. I have never even seen those Jade dumplings before. They are beautiful and I'm sure they taste fabulous 😋

  2. As someone who doesn't have access to a decent Asian grocery store and is too lazy to ferment her own cabbage, I might experiment with fresh sauerkraut. This might be genius or truly terrible. Wish me luck!

  3. Thank you sooooo much for posting these little cuties! We made them for dinner yesterday. Ours weren't as pretty as yours but they sure we're delicious! They were heckin' fun to make too.

  4. Dang this looks like something I’ll have to attempt but where I live there many Chinese markets out where I lived and buying wraps are so convenient

  5. Your fermented sour cabbage is a lot like sauerkraut. If we don't want to make it from scratch, would a Western sauerkraut, say the Bick's brand in Canada, work in its replacement?

  6. I want to try these but a. I don't eat pork and b. I'm afraid of ruining my house. I still need work on dumpling

  7. Now I know why minced pork is mix in one direction. It is explain clearly by this lady. No one I know in YT or even in restaurants tells you why. They just order you to do that in the kitchen. People like me who are stubborn enough not to heed their orders because of not knowing why needs this lesson. I have learned more from this lady than working in restaurant for 3 years.

  8. I NEED to make this. I live on long Island New York in the USA. I love your work. Can't wait to try this. Thank You for your work in educating the world on how to do what you do. Luv from America.

  9. These are so cute! I think I'll try this two-coloured wrapper next time I make dumplings.

    I finally managed to order some ingredients recently and started to make some of your recipes. They're SO good! A huge hit in this household. Thank you!

  10. I got to make those this weekend. That looks so good. I am salivating right now. Thanks for sharing. 😍

  11. Need to buy Lo mein noodles from amazon, what do you recommend, as their are no fresh noodles available in my area (2hr. road trip) to an Asian market ???!!!

  12. Yesterday I went through all your recipes looking for dumplings with pork and cabbage and today you posted this! Amazing timing!

  13. I second that emotion these are really adorable so cute and who knew you could do a green part on The dumpling so special but I won't be making them too lazy I'll just buy them instead buy the rappers but you still doing a great job Mandy I love it the idea is real special…

  14. Communities across Britain deeply appreciate all your wonderful videos

  15. But these are big fatties……………… That is how I like to hear dumplings being described

  16. At first I worried, “Is this gonna have green food coloring?” Nope!! (Would Semolina flour be a good choice in the USA?)

  17. I think this is one of the most beautiful and interesting recipes you’ve made! I shared it on my social media page. Amazing job, Mandy! I’m definitely going to try this!

  18. They are so pretty, I would be ashamed of eating them.

    Lovely recipe. By the way, please make a homemade douchi recipe, please, please.

    Greetings from Brazil.

  19. Just when I think you can’t possibly amaze me anymore you do this! Those dumplings are stunning 🤩

  20. Have you tried Kimchi instead in that recipe? I bet it would taste spicy goodness! 🤗 🧧👍