Thai Chinese Food – DUCK GUITAR!! Extreme Crispy Skin in Bangkok!

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BANGKOK, THAILAND: There are a lot of places to eat deep fried or roasted duck in Bangkok, one of the many popular Thai Chinese foods. But nowhere is quite like the ultra crispy duck guitar! #Bangkok #Thailand #ChineseFood

Ramruay Pochana (ร่ำรวยโภชนา พระราม 3) – Welcome to Ramruay Pochana (ร่ำรวยโภชนา พระราม 3), a restaurant that’s famous for their guitar duck roasting and deep frying method. The name of guitar duck is pretty self explanatory – they debone the duck and stretch it out into the shape of a guitar. Then the duck is marinated, left in the sun to dry, roasted for forty minutes, and finally deep fried to an insanely golden crispiness.

Ramruay Pochana (ร่ำรวยโภชนา พระราม 3) is a Thai Chinese restaurant, and one of the things they are known for is serving their complete meal set which is very affordable for what you get. Typically the set comes with Peking duck, which is also some of the most crispy skin you’ll ever have. But if you pay an extra 200 THB for a total price of 1,700 THB ($54.25) for the entire set, you get the legendary guitar duck.

For me, the best part of the experience was watching and learning how they transform a duck into a guitar to maximize the crispy surface area. It’s pretty hilarious and awesome all at the same time.

Some of the dishes in the meal set were a little plain, but overall, it’s an affordable meal set for an entire family, and it’s especially focused on the insanely crispiness of the Peking duck and duck guitar.

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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  1. Damn………gonna be good …love thailand ….thailand is the most beautiful country in the world also the most good food too

  2. I love duck but watching the process with the deboning and stretching made me feel really sorry for the animal :'(

  3. This guy is a clown who looks like a drug addict…or wait no i tell it wrong…this guy is a drug addict who looks like a clown…?
    Please someone tell him that heroine is a hell of a drug…look how he looks out of his eyes.He really looks like a wealthy junkie(he actually is!)

  4. Both the guitar duck 琵琶鸭 and peking duck 北京鸭 are classic chinese recipes. The thai chinese did simplify the process a little tho.

  5. They look more like tennis rackets, but what an ingenious innovation to maximize surface area and efficiency!

  6. Very nice unique Thai food, like from my channel ?? from Kuwait ♥️♥️

  7. Mark do you ever say the food was bad or no (never seen that lol) , I always see you with a great smile and face when you eat the foods.. great video

  8. He better copy right his unique guitar duck style and branding it just like the French Champaign.

  9. When owners of restaurants are treating Mark and Ying well, it gives them extra point ? his restaurant deserves more visit ❤