Thai BBQ Hotpot Buffet Restaurant

Having Mookata which is Thai BBQ and Hotpot.

We ordered the All-You-Can-Eat which makes everything free-flow .

What do you think?


  1. Soda drinks don't help me eat more, the gas fills my stomach up 😔 Even if I burp a little, it's not that much. I'd rather have ice tea or juice.

  2. Clayfish…. its not clayfish…its CRAYfish …. or just say tiny lobster , which is what they essentially are

  3. Seeing how much stuff you all have on the grill, in the pot makes me nervous! I think I'd go much slower, you all are too advanced for me!

  4. Found the address ( Golden Mile Complex branch ) and straight away rushed down with my family today . Just reached home , lying on my bed with a big fat bloated belly . Delicious , definitely worth it 👍 Very good service . $119.60 for 4 people nett . Immediately made reservations for Chinese New Year . PS : CNY $3 surcharge per person .

  5. Please that’s enough
    Cheese pork sea food fatty juices in the boiler
    How can one distinguish what your eating
    Food for a good a heart attack recipe in the making that pot looked unhealthy
    Please respect your body
    Nice entertaining but choice of foods ?

  6. Remember everyone: this dude is sitting in a restaurant with a GoPro strapped to his forehead…

  7. yo
    မတွေ့တာကြာပြီ ပြောက်နေတယ်
    အမြဲးကြည့် အမြဲးအားပေးတဲ့ သူတွေပါ
    ကျမ်းမာရေး လဲး ဂရုစိုက်ကြပါ

  8. I started watching this because of her cute reactions. Now im in love with the food to. Hope he knows how lucky he is to have a sweet cute girl like her.